Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another solid week here halfway across the world!!
The transfer is quickly coming to an end which means the training program is soon over. Cant believe that my boy Gaul will be leaving me soon!! We still wont know where hes going or my new companion until next Sunday. 12 weeks have flown by. Exciting stuff.
This Saturday we had two senior missionary couples come down to look at some of the properties that Gaul and I have found for a possible new church building. The Clowards (office couple in Antananarivo) and the Todds (couple in Antsirabe). Great to have them come down. I love Senior couples. So much dedication to the service of The Lord. Spent all Saturday morning with them and looked at all the properties. No final decision yet, but there will soon be one. Great to have this problem. The church is growing here!!!!
Best part of this week was Richard (the man we baptized in December) receive the Priesthood. What a great blessing it is to have God's true authority on this Earth today. His 8 year old daughter is scheduled to get baptized this weekend. At first he didnt want to baptize her. He is a very shy, humble man. We taught him about the trust God has in us to use his Priesthood authority to perform ordinances. After the lesson, we committed him to baptize his daughter!!!!!!!  We are so pumped. A man who had a real struggle with tobacco a few months ago, is now going to baptize his daughter on Saturday. What a great blessing. Stuff like that only can be done through the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
I really came to the realization this week that the Gospel is easy. Life is hard, but the Gospel is easy. God has given us the path through scripture, living prophets, and his son Jesus Christ. When we obey the law and strive to be like Christ, blessings come. God has to bless us because of our obedience. Its the law in heaven. That doesnt mean we wont have temptations and trials, thats just part of this life. God doesnt abandon His children. He is eagerly awaiting to bless us. When people have faith ion God and follow His path, they are blessed. Pretty simple. But for some reason, all of us humans have a hard time doing that. We think there is another way. I promise that there is no other way. There is one way. It's through Christ. Why dont we all strive to follow the one way that the Creator of this world gave us?? I knoww that God loves us all, and wants all of us to return to him one day.
God bless,
Elder Hein
PS Sorry for the lack of pics. I feel the meat market one last week covers for the lack of pics this week haha.
I think they got the logos and the names mixed up!!  Ha Ha!!

Elder Todd taking a nice break. He was a Professor at BYU before the mission. Incredibly spiritual and intelligent man. 

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