Monday, October 27, 2014

General Conference


Crazy busy week here in Ambohimanarina. But I aint complaining!! I love just being busy busy busy and getting home at 930 everynight. I feel like Im doing my job as a servant of The Lord. Seeing miracles all the time. In my self, my companion, other missionaries, and investigators and members alike. I love this place. 

Just tons of teaching and building relationships with members this week. They are the grind of the missionary work. It doesnt go without them and we need to build trust in them for us. I absolutely love this branch. Yeah you got your crazy things and problems, (its Mada, there has to be) but the work is flying. Elder Stringfellow and I are really trying to just continue the learning process in Christ for our progressing investigators and constantly add new investigators to our teaching pool. Im working Elder Stringfellow like a dog, but he still hasnt cracked. And probably I will crack before he does haha. 

Speaking of Elder Stringfellow, he went on his first split this past week!!! I was a little scared to let him out of my sight but it went well hahah. He went out to an area with a Malagasy missionary who doesnt speak a lick of English. Baptism by fire baby haha. Elder Herrin came here and we worked together in Ambohimanarina. Herrin is one of my all time favorite missionaries. He got here in April, but man I look up to that Elder. Solid missionary. Splits are great. Learn a lot. We will be going on a lot more next transfer, but we are focusing a little more on training this transfer!! 

Highlight of the week for sure was General Conference. Might sound like old news to yall, but we finally got to watch it!! Saturday we went to the office to watch three sessions. I was impressed by a bunch of talks. Jeffrey R Holland THREW IT DOWN! I love his talks. I am impressed by every one he gives. Also, Jorg Klebingat of the Seventy had the best quote by a long shot. "Get really, really good at repenting, and do it very very quickly." Us missionaries kinda laughed, but what pure truth is that. Awesome stuff. All of us, procrastinate repentance, why??? Pride. We could become so much closer to the Savior if we just get really good at repenting. NOW. 

What a great blessing it is to hear from modern day prophets and apostles. I urge every one, member or not, to go to and just read through the talks given. You cant read them and not feel that these are chosen servants and instruments in The Lord's hands to lead and guide us in these troubling days. I know that is true. 

Have a great week yall. AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Elder Hein
Elders Koplin, Razaka, Me, Elder Stringfellow - It's rainy season.

Elder Herrin

The Family - Elder Stringfellow and Anderson (brothers), Me (their papa) and Elder Trujillo (their mother).  It's a mission thing!

Me and the 34 best looking Elders in the mission.

Straight Up!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Narary be Aho

Good and bad week! Start with the bad news: 
I was DESTROYED Tuesday and Wednesday. I dont know what it was but I had a 100.9 degree fever and I was sweating bullets. But I was also freezing. And I didnt feel like I was in my own body....Mada man, it kills ya. Also, Elder Schroedter and Koplin were sick as well. I think it was probably something we ate. But Stringfellow didnt get sick and still hasnt which is insane! Usually new trainees get destroyed here by the food in the first few weeks. Stringbean is a rock.
On to the good stuff....158 ATTENDANCE AT CHURCH. With 16 investigators. Whew, I am loving it. People just kept filing in. There were people sitting on the stairs, in the foyer, AND outside. The success is almost getting too much to handle haha. Never thought I would complain about success like this!! Haha. The new church just needs to be finished and everything will be alright!! But, still having problems with power installation. Dont know too many details, but it should be done.
It's amazing to get to see the gift of tongues in action everyday. I see it in myself personally, but it's even better to see it in a missionary that has just got to country. Stringfellow is soaking it all up!! He is killing it right now and its awesome to see. He will be legendary in Malagasy pretty soon. The Lord does help us quite a bit here to get this crazy language down as soon as we do.

We will be watching General Conference this weekend as missionaries at the office. I am super excited to hear the words of the living prophets and apostles!!

My Dad asked me how we get around as missionaries here in Tana. There are parts in the mission that the missionaries take bikes, but here in Tana we walk and take buses. Thats how we get around . They are called Taxibe's. Big Taxi. Hahah I feel like Ive written stories about them before, but they are insane. Usually they sit about 18, but it aint full until there is about 25 with people hanging off the back. Its crazy. You got people sitting on your lap, babies crying in your face, flies flying everywhere, people talking how big you are and how annoying it is that they have to sit next to you, etc. Little do they know, I speak Malagasy hahaha. Its always great to just start adding to their conversations. Taxibe's are sorta indescribable hahaha. But I wouldnt trade it for anything haha!! 

Im kinda all over the place, but I wanna talk a bit about my house. We got 6 elders and it is a party. Elder Razakamindimby, Elder Koplin, Elder Randrianantenaina, Elder Schroedter, Elder Stringfellow, and Elder Bogosy(me). Razaka has been out 8 months and is from here in Tana. Koplin has been out 3 months and is from Idaho Falls. Randry is going home in December and he is from Antsirabe. Schroedter has been out 3 months and is from Katy, TX!!! And String has been out a solid 2 months!! Haha. It's weird kinda being the oldest in the house. It feels like just yesterday I was in their shoes. The mission just flies. I hate it. Not the mission, but the flying part. Kinda wish I could go back and start again. Dont have any regrets, I just love the mission so much.
Thats about it for this week!! The rice is starting to grow again and the rains are coming! Time to pull out the rainjacket.
The church is true. I know it. Cant deny it. I see it everyday.
Love yall
Elder Hein


Panorama View

New LDS Church House


Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 2 in a new area with a new comp


A great first full week here in the new area of Ambohimanarina. I love the area. I love my comp. I love Madagascar. Aint got too much too complain about!

Church was even better this week. WE HAD 20 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH. I havent heard a word of any talk given in church the past two weeks because I have to sit outside. The room is big enough for 80 yet we had 144 come to church this week....this place is on fire. A new church building is being built in my area and it is insanely big. It will be the new Stake Center here in North Tana. It is literally double the size of an American church. And a plus is, it is literally right next to the United States Embassy. There is only one problem with the church. It is done, BUT we still dont have power and water because energy company wont do it for us...The struggles of Madagascar haha. I have no doubt it will be done soon. The Lords work cant stop. 

So where are all these investigators coming from?? They actually come from one guy by the name of Norbert. Elder Gaul actually started teaching him a few months ago, and he is one of the most golden investigators the world has ever seen haha. He used to be a politician here in Mada. He was literally in the Parliament. He literally knows every single human being in this country. It is insane. Norbert is also gunna run for President in three years....yeah. He should have been baptized all ready, BUT the church is too small for the 500 people he said are coming to his baptism. People are comùing from all over Mada, La Reunion, and Mauritius. So we have to wait for the new church to be finished so we can have everyone at the baptism. 

Incredible. I know. 

But the best thing about Norbert and his family is, they LOVE the Gospel and are sharing it with literally everyone in this country. He calls all of his friends and gets them to go to church. Not just in our area, but all around Madagascar. I get calls two or three times a week from him asking for missionaries numbers that serve in different areas in Mada, so that he can give them a friend to teach....It is unreal. Ive never seen anyone with such a desire to share this Gospel. Plain and simple, he gets it. He knows it is true, and he wants all his friends to have it. Beautiful. 

Elder Stringfellow is a legend. Already is, and will be an incredible missionary. We are having a great time. Went and saw some lemurs today and he loved it. No doubt the coolest animals in the world. 

This Gospel is true. I see it everyday. In the little thigs and the big things. It is the compass in our life to happiness and peace.  I know that is true and I am so grateful for the chance I have to bring this Gospel into people's lives. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

Elder Anderson

Elder Morley

Elder Christiansen

Elder Stringfellow

Malagasy Construction

New Stake Center

Current Church House

Our Area

Monday, October 6, 2014

First Week in Ambohimanarina

Great first week here in Ambohimanarina. (I cant wait to hear how yall pronounce this name); The area is already popping. We had 17 investigators come to church just for me and my comp's side of work!! The Lord has prepared this area and the missionaries before us worked their tail's off.

So, first about my comp.......Thursday I headed to the office to pick up one of the 15 new elders. I got ELDER STRINGFELLOW!!!!! I was so pumped. I had actually seen his blog a couple weeks ago and telling Elder Anderson how I would probably want to get him!! Hahaha. He is from Bountiful, he's a head taller than me, and he is SUPER good at Malagasy. So confident and smooth. It is awesome. He played football and baseball at Bountiful High and actually just won State in Baseball!!! We get along real well and Im looking forward to these next two transfers with him!!

So more about my area. It is WAY up North. There is so much traffic to get downtown it is ridiculous. Looking at like a two hour bus ride give or take. Yeah it aint too fun. BUT, the area is beautiful. Rice paddies everywhere and its not just flat city roads. Hills and beautiful dropoffs everywhere. Way cool.
AND we live in a house with 4 other elders!! Its a literal party everynight hahaha. Right now we have three Americans, 2 Malagasies, and a Tahitian. That will change in the coming week, but I love the house. Ive been in two man houses my whole mission so it is weird to have other elders in the house besides my comp. Love it.

Pretty short on time, but the work here is on fire. Obviously our program is pretty empty right now because we are splitting the area, but we have tons of baptisms coming up. I will have more time to explain the area next week. Ive only been here 5 days. Yall know it about as well as me hahaha.
Have a great week yall!
Elder Hein

PS Elder Stringfellow has a blog. Look it up!!