Monday, October 27, 2014

General Conference


Crazy busy week here in Ambohimanarina. But I aint complaining!! I love just being busy busy busy and getting home at 930 everynight. I feel like Im doing my job as a servant of The Lord. Seeing miracles all the time. In my self, my companion, other missionaries, and investigators and members alike. I love this place. 

Just tons of teaching and building relationships with members this week. They are the grind of the missionary work. It doesnt go without them and we need to build trust in them for us. I absolutely love this branch. Yeah you got your crazy things and problems, (its Mada, there has to be) but the work is flying. Elder Stringfellow and I are really trying to just continue the learning process in Christ for our progressing investigators and constantly add new investigators to our teaching pool. Im working Elder Stringfellow like a dog, but he still hasnt cracked. And probably I will crack before he does haha. 

Speaking of Elder Stringfellow, he went on his first split this past week!!! I was a little scared to let him out of my sight but it went well hahah. He went out to an area with a Malagasy missionary who doesnt speak a lick of English. Baptism by fire baby haha. Elder Herrin came here and we worked together in Ambohimanarina. Herrin is one of my all time favorite missionaries. He got here in April, but man I look up to that Elder. Solid missionary. Splits are great. Learn a lot. We will be going on a lot more next transfer, but we are focusing a little more on training this transfer!! 

Highlight of the week for sure was General Conference. Might sound like old news to yall, but we finally got to watch it!! Saturday we went to the office to watch three sessions. I was impressed by a bunch of talks. Jeffrey R Holland THREW IT DOWN! I love his talks. I am impressed by every one he gives. Also, Jorg Klebingat of the Seventy had the best quote by a long shot. "Get really, really good at repenting, and do it very very quickly." Us missionaries kinda laughed, but what pure truth is that. Awesome stuff. All of us, procrastinate repentance, why??? Pride. We could become so much closer to the Savior if we just get really good at repenting. NOW. 

What a great blessing it is to hear from modern day prophets and apostles. I urge every one, member or not, to go to and just read through the talks given. You cant read them and not feel that these are chosen servants and instruments in The Lord's hands to lead and guide us in these troubling days. I know that is true. 

Have a great week yall. AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Elder Hein
Elders Koplin, Razaka, Me, Elder Stringfellow - It's rainy season.

Elder Herrin

The Family - Elder Stringfellow and Anderson (brothers), Me (their papa) and Elder Trujillo (their mother).  It's a mission thing!

Me and the 34 best looking Elders in the mission.

Straight Up!

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