Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 2 in a new area with a new comp


A great first full week here in the new area of Ambohimanarina. I love the area. I love my comp. I love Madagascar. Aint got too much too complain about!

Church was even better this week. WE HAD 20 INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH. I havent heard a word of any talk given in church the past two weeks because I have to sit outside. The room is big enough for 80 yet we had 144 come to church this week....this place is on fire. A new church building is being built in my area and it is insanely big. It will be the new Stake Center here in North Tana. It is literally double the size of an American church. And a plus is, it is literally right next to the United States Embassy. There is only one problem with the church. It is done, BUT we still dont have power and water because energy company wont do it for us...The struggles of Madagascar haha. I have no doubt it will be done soon. The Lords work cant stop. 

So where are all these investigators coming from?? They actually come from one guy by the name of Norbert. Elder Gaul actually started teaching him a few months ago, and he is one of the most golden investigators the world has ever seen haha. He used to be a politician here in Mada. He was literally in the Parliament. He literally knows every single human being in this country. It is insane. Norbert is also gunna run for President in three years....yeah. He should have been baptized all ready, BUT the church is too small for the 500 people he said are coming to his baptism. People are comùing from all over Mada, La Reunion, and Mauritius. So we have to wait for the new church to be finished so we can have everyone at the baptism. 

Incredible. I know. 

But the best thing about Norbert and his family is, they LOVE the Gospel and are sharing it with literally everyone in this country. He calls all of his friends and gets them to go to church. Not just in our area, but all around Madagascar. I get calls two or three times a week from him asking for missionaries numbers that serve in different areas in Mada, so that he can give them a friend to teach....It is unreal. Ive never seen anyone with such a desire to share this Gospel. Plain and simple, he gets it. He knows it is true, and he wants all his friends to have it. Beautiful. 

Elder Stringfellow is a legend. Already is, and will be an incredible missionary. We are having a great time. Went and saw some lemurs today and he loved it. No doubt the coolest animals in the world. 

This Gospel is true. I see it everyday. In the little thigs and the big things. It is the compass in our life to happiness and peace.  I know that is true and I am so grateful for the chance I have to bring this Gospel into people's lives. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

Elder Anderson

Elder Morley

Elder Christiansen

Elder Stringfellow

Malagasy Construction

New Stake Center

Current Church House

Our Area

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