Monday, October 20, 2014

Narary be Aho

Good and bad week! Start with the bad news: 
I was DESTROYED Tuesday and Wednesday. I dont know what it was but I had a 100.9 degree fever and I was sweating bullets. But I was also freezing. And I didnt feel like I was in my own body....Mada man, it kills ya. Also, Elder Schroedter and Koplin were sick as well. I think it was probably something we ate. But Stringfellow didnt get sick and still hasnt which is insane! Usually new trainees get destroyed here by the food in the first few weeks. Stringbean is a rock.
On to the good stuff....158 ATTENDANCE AT CHURCH. With 16 investigators. Whew, I am loving it. People just kept filing in. There were people sitting on the stairs, in the foyer, AND outside. The success is almost getting too much to handle haha. Never thought I would complain about success like this!! Haha. The new church just needs to be finished and everything will be alright!! But, still having problems with power installation. Dont know too many details, but it should be done.
It's amazing to get to see the gift of tongues in action everyday. I see it in myself personally, but it's even better to see it in a missionary that has just got to country. Stringfellow is soaking it all up!! He is killing it right now and its awesome to see. He will be legendary in Malagasy pretty soon. The Lord does help us quite a bit here to get this crazy language down as soon as we do.

We will be watching General Conference this weekend as missionaries at the office. I am super excited to hear the words of the living prophets and apostles!!

My Dad asked me how we get around as missionaries here in Tana. There are parts in the mission that the missionaries take bikes, but here in Tana we walk and take buses. Thats how we get around . They are called Taxibe's. Big Taxi. Hahah I feel like Ive written stories about them before, but they are insane. Usually they sit about 18, but it aint full until there is about 25 with people hanging off the back. Its crazy. You got people sitting on your lap, babies crying in your face, flies flying everywhere, people talking how big you are and how annoying it is that they have to sit next to you, etc. Little do they know, I speak Malagasy hahaha. Its always great to just start adding to their conversations. Taxibe's are sorta indescribable hahaha. But I wouldnt trade it for anything haha!! 

Im kinda all over the place, but I wanna talk a bit about my house. We got 6 elders and it is a party. Elder Razakamindimby, Elder Koplin, Elder Randrianantenaina, Elder Schroedter, Elder Stringfellow, and Elder Bogosy(me). Razaka has been out 8 months and is from here in Tana. Koplin has been out 3 months and is from Idaho Falls. Randry is going home in December and he is from Antsirabe. Schroedter has been out 3 months and is from Katy, TX!!! And String has been out a solid 2 months!! Haha. It's weird kinda being the oldest in the house. It feels like just yesterday I was in their shoes. The mission just flies. I hate it. Not the mission, but the flying part. Kinda wish I could go back and start again. Dont have any regrets, I just love the mission so much.
Thats about it for this week!! The rice is starting to grow again and the rains are coming! Time to pull out the rainjacket.
The church is true. I know it. Cant deny it. I see it everyday.
Love yall
Elder Hein


Panorama View

New LDS Church House


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  1. Great message Elder Hein. Hope the branch keeps growing.