Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Howdy!! Coming in a day late due to Pentecost yesterday. Everything was shut down. I swear, Malagasies celebrate the weirdest holidays haha.
But, it provided for good entertainment yesterday as we went to a tolon'omby. BULL FIGHT haha. Lets just say it is a little different than a good ol Texas rodeo. They throw a bull into the ring and then five crazy Malagasies jump in and try to wrestle it. The bulls in this country have a weird lump of fat on their neck. Kind of like a camel's hump. Thats what the wrestlers grap onto. It's crazy. They go until the bull stops bucking and then they let it out of the ring. Then bring in another one. Awesome. The stadium was awesome. On the mountainside. Felt like I was in Ancient Greece or something. Crazy music going. Everyone screaming and yelling. They sharpened the bull's horns....Yeah usually people get gored and die...Luckily we didnt see any of that. Gladiator:Malagasy Style
Other than that yesterday, I cut Covey's hair. Im getting kinda good at it. I might open up a barbershop when I get home haha.
The week was pretty good. We had some new goals placed and we went hard to hit them. A couple things got in the way, but we came pretty dang close and saw some fruits from our labors. It's crazy what can happen when you set goals prayerfully and ask God for help to acheive them. Miracles happen.
This is officially my last full week of work....Next week we have a trip to Ambositra, Zone Conference, and a couple other things that we have to do....So this is it. Going as hard as I can.
Did some study in the New Testament on what it means to be "joint-heirs with Christ." Awesome. I literally cant wrap my mind around it. Just doesnt seem fair to me. Jesus came, lived perfect, showed us the way, dies for all of our sins, resurrects. We come here, sin, sin, sin, and sin again? But then, we still have the chance to have EVERYTHING THAT CHRIST HAS. What?! Grace. Grace. Grace. All we have to do is what Christ told us to do?! Doesnt seem fair. And it isnt. In our eyes. Someday we will be able to understand the love and the grace that God and His Son, Jesus Christ,  have for us. But as of now, the numbers just dont add up. What a beautiful plan our Father prepared for us. Get on your knees and thank him for that grace. And then, go out and do everything you can to love Him as much as He loves us. Follow Him.
God bless,
Elder Hein  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Rock Climbing!

Howdy! One of the best P Days I've had my whole mission.

Let me explain:

We decided we wanted to gout on a hike to this waterfall pretty far away. So we got up at 5:30 and headed out there. This thing is a good couple hours away at least. Incredible sights. Just really trying to soak in Madagascar. Beautiful cliffs, beatufil waterfall, something out of a movie. We were singing Lord of the Rings stuff the whole time haha. Well, you get to a point where there is no path, so you make your own haha. A couple slips, nothing too serious.

We get to the cool. One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This country is incredible. Especially, because most of this country hasn't even been touched. It is so far behind. I mean, it is so poor it cant even be classified as a third world country. It is a developing country. THAT IS SO COOL HAHA!!

We see another waterfall a few hundred yards away and go to it. Sheer slippery rock cliff face. So what do we do? Go down it. It gets to a point where I'm sliding down on my butt down on this rock face. I am hauling. The combo of the rock and the water was a slip and slide haha. We come to the waterfall and realize there is no way down but sliding for a good twenty yards. But luckily, all of us are eagle scouts and learned a couple things. We tied our jackets together and repelled down the cliff face. But Covey, being the last one, just had to slide and we caught him hahaha.

Almost at the bottom, and there is a last slip and slide portion. Everyone got down fine. I'm last. Im sliding down and finally get a hold. Wiscombe, Lambert, Covey are just dying laughing. Not helping me at all. Im still holding on but Im laughing so hard I let go....I slide down on my belly for a good 15 yards till I hit the bottom. It was literally like grating cheese. We must've laughed the whole 2 hour hike back. 

Hahaha now that that is out of the way.

Great week here. I feel like we are being incredibly productive right now. Some of the most productive weeks of my mission and I wanted it that way. We are doing tons of stuff that doesnt show up on the stat sheet. Visiting memebers, training members, being at activities, etc. Honestly, in  these past couple of weeks the Branch has progressed a lot.

Investigator wise- Its progressing in leaps and bounds. We had 7 show up at church. A few new ones as well. Also had some good investigator turnouts for the three activities we had on Saturday. Placed a couple baptismal dates on some teenagers that have been progressing really well. Also, had a couple great first lessons this week with some new families. I cant complain about anything.

Less Active wise- We had over ten less actives show up to church on Sunday. Thats BEAUTIFUL. Made the whole week worth it. Still have about 100 to go though haha. Elder Lambert and I, really have a great opportunity to go around and get to know these people. Get to know what made them convert. Get to know what made them go less active. It has been a great learning experience for me.
APs came down for a couple days this week for splits. Rigby and Morely. Two of my best friends. Wouldnt shut up about me going home in three weeks though haha. But it was a pretty good split and I tried stick shift for the first time. I got it into second before it died haha.

Had three activities this past Saturday. Had to be at all of them. Young Men and Young Women activity was great. Climbed a mountain here. Then the Primary activity was fabulous. Dora L'exploratrice for 2 hours. And then the YSA activity was just okay. Took up our whole work day. Wish we coulda gone out and taught, but it's just in our responsibility now. 

Man, its crazy how fast everything is flying. The work is keeping me way busy and I dont really think about it, but there is just little things throughout the day that hint at it. I mean, I set a bap date for sometime after I get home. Crazy. Just really trying to soak it all in. Really just trying to keep myself humble and open to receive everything God wants me to learn here. Sometimes I feel like Im missing something big. But I think Ive realized that the mission is just a bunch of small things. A bunch of small things every single day. And all things come together at the end. If you are truly working hard and desire to serve The Lord, I dont feel you will ever feel like you accomplished everything. I feel as if when that badge finally comes off for good, youll know. God will give you that pat on the back and thank you for the service. I pray each and everyday that everything Im doing is enough. Enough to get that big thing Ive been looking for my whole mission. Just to know that through The Lord's hand and His grace, I made a difference in this far away portion of His vineyard.

God bless,
Elder Hein

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Sorry folks - I posted this late in the week (Jeff)

Howdy and Happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!! Thanks for all you do. Sorry, but my Mom takes the cake for the best Mom. 

A FANTASTIC week here in Fianarantsoa. It really was. Work-wise, it was the best by far. Weve been building a program and visiting tons of members. Literally we are trying to visit every member in the branch, active or inactive. Everyone. Its way fun. Just annoying sometimes. Like I was saying last week, just the tiniest littlest things, are knocking people of the boat. And they just dont wanna reach out for the people trying to pull them back in. BUT, we are seeing some progress and have reactivated a couple families! 

CODY IS GOING TO FRANCE!! Cant believe he already has his call and that I am that old. Im so excited for him. 

Well, Skyping this morning with the fan was great. Can't put it any other way. Really weird though because I'll be on the other side of the camera with them in 4 weeks...

Big time news this week was the WORLD CUP OF FIANARANTSOA. We had been planning it for weeks. The two branches had an incredible battle of skill at the field here at the train station. I was so pumped for it. I could barely focus all Saturday morning haha. It was honestly the worst field I have ever played on, but it was so fun. We even interviewed some people about the match HAHAHA. South branch (mine) came out with the victory 4-2!!! I ended up not even playing that much. The referee got a little annoyed so I took over haha. But it was a great time, had tons of investigators come, and got a victory over the North Branch!! 

Way short this week, but on a spiritual note.....

READ YOUR SCRIPTURES. Not just every now and then, but everyday. Im talking 10 minutes. That's it. I can honestly say that we might only have 10 people(at most) in this Branch that read their scriptures everyday. It's no wonder that people are lost in "the mist of darkness." They arent holding on to the rod. A lot of people have been complaining,"I havent gotten an answer. God doesnt answer." Do you read the scriptures everyday? "No." There is your problem. We expect this grande angelic visitation with an answer, but yet it is already written on paper in our own homes. God has already repeated himself hundreds of times. And most of the time, our answer IS ALREADY IN THERE!!! If we want to know what to do in life, what to study, what path to take, how to get back to heaven, etc, we need to read the words of Christ. They tell us everything. They tell us ALL THINGS WHAT WE SHOULD DO.

Angels speak by the power of the Holy Ghost;wherefore, they speak   the  words of Christ. Wherefore, said unto you, feast upon the words  of Christ; for behold,the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye   should do.

 If we want to know what to do in life, what to study, what path to take, how to get back to heaven, etc, we need to read the words of Christ. They tell us everything. They tell us ALL THINGS WHAT WE SHOULD DO. So, before we complain about not getting answers to prayers, look in the scriptures. I know that the Holy Ghost will touch your heart and tell you the things you should do. It happens to me everyday. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All New!

Well, new comp, new house, new transfer, new haircut!!

Just got buzzed at the barber. Haaha no matter how good I get at the language, they still dont know how to cut white people hair haha.

Well I was on a split with a younger missionary in the zone for three days this week, Elder Hammer. We were both waiting for new comps as both of ours went home. Way fun time and I got to lend him some missionary wisdom. Hahaha I love this Grandpa role I have now in the mission. Crazy to think that I'm the next one leaving this island….

Elder Lambert
Elder Lambert came in Wednesday night!! Great to have a new comp and some new energy! He's from St George, Utah and will soon go home as well. We are already having a great time. We both like country music and sports so obviously the work is going well haha. I've just seen on my mission how important the relationship is between companions. When you are both on the same page with the same goals, everything just seems to work.

Well our last house had some problems (mpamaky trano) so we moved on Friday.  Yes this is my second move on the mission haha. Not the most fun, but we like the new house and we are happy.

So weve had lots of stuff to do fixing up the new house so we didnt get much work done. But lets just say, Elder Lambert's legs are already destroyed hahaha (because of riding bikes). BUT our main focus on the maha-mpanolotsaina anay dia hoe is on the members. So many less actives here. So many hurt feelings. So much gossip. So few strong testimonies. It's sad. So what do we do?

LOVE. Just love people. Teach them the doctrine. Teach them the doctrine with love. People go less active over the littlest things. Why? Because they arent loving each other. They arent helping each other hold on to the iron rod, TOGETHER. So all I gotta say is, just be nice. Just love each other. Just help someone out. Just go out of your way to make someone's day. It is pretty simple. Ive realized how much of a dunce I was before the mission for not saying hi to someone or just smiling. JUST BE NICE. Trust me. It makes life better.

Love ya'll. God bless.
Elder Hein