Wednesday, May 6, 2015

All New!

Well, new comp, new house, new transfer, new haircut!!

Just got buzzed at the barber. Haaha no matter how good I get at the language, they still dont know how to cut white people hair haha.

Well I was on a split with a younger missionary in the zone for three days this week, Elder Hammer. We were both waiting for new comps as both of ours went home. Way fun time and I got to lend him some missionary wisdom. Hahaha I love this Grandpa role I have now in the mission. Crazy to think that I'm the next one leaving this island….

Elder Lambert
Elder Lambert came in Wednesday night!! Great to have a new comp and some new energy! He's from St George, Utah and will soon go home as well. We are already having a great time. We both like country music and sports so obviously the work is going well haha. I've just seen on my mission how important the relationship is between companions. When you are both on the same page with the same goals, everything just seems to work.

Well our last house had some problems (mpamaky trano) so we moved on Friday.  Yes this is my second move on the mission haha. Not the most fun, but we like the new house and we are happy.

So weve had lots of stuff to do fixing up the new house so we didnt get much work done. But lets just say, Elder Lambert's legs are already destroyed hahaha (because of riding bikes). BUT our main focus on the maha-mpanolotsaina anay dia hoe is on the members. So many less actives here. So many hurt feelings. So much gossip. So few strong testimonies. It's sad. So what do we do?

LOVE. Just love people. Teach them the doctrine. Teach them the doctrine with love. People go less active over the littlest things. Why? Because they arent loving each other. They arent helping each other hold on to the iron rod, TOGETHER. So all I gotta say is, just be nice. Just love each other. Just help someone out. Just go out of your way to make someone's day. It is pretty simple. Ive realized how much of a dunce I was before the mission for not saying hi to someone or just smiling. JUST BE NICE. Trust me. It makes life better.

Love ya'll. God bless.
Elder Hein

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