Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Howdy!! Coming in a day late due to Pentecost yesterday. Everything was shut down. I swear, Malagasies celebrate the weirdest holidays haha.
But, it provided for good entertainment yesterday as we went to a tolon'omby. BULL FIGHT haha. Lets just say it is a little different than a good ol Texas rodeo. They throw a bull into the ring and then five crazy Malagasies jump in and try to wrestle it. The bulls in this country have a weird lump of fat on their neck. Kind of like a camel's hump. Thats what the wrestlers grap onto. It's crazy. They go until the bull stops bucking and then they let it out of the ring. Then bring in another one. Awesome. The stadium was awesome. On the mountainside. Felt like I was in Ancient Greece or something. Crazy music going. Everyone screaming and yelling. They sharpened the bull's horns....Yeah usually people get gored and die...Luckily we didnt see any of that. Gladiator:Malagasy Style
Other than that yesterday, I cut Covey's hair. Im getting kinda good at it. I might open up a barbershop when I get home haha.
The week was pretty good. We had some new goals placed and we went hard to hit them. A couple things got in the way, but we came pretty dang close and saw some fruits from our labors. It's crazy what can happen when you set goals prayerfully and ask God for help to acheive them. Miracles happen.
This is officially my last full week of work....Next week we have a trip to Ambositra, Zone Conference, and a couple other things that we have to do....So this is it. Going as hard as I can.
Did some study in the New Testament on what it means to be "joint-heirs with Christ." Awesome. I literally cant wrap my mind around it. Just doesnt seem fair to me. Jesus came, lived perfect, showed us the way, dies for all of our sins, resurrects. We come here, sin, sin, sin, and sin again? But then, we still have the chance to have EVERYTHING THAT CHRIST HAS. What?! Grace. Grace. Grace. All we have to do is what Christ told us to do?! Doesnt seem fair. And it isnt. In our eyes. Someday we will be able to understand the love and the grace that God and His Son, Jesus Christ,  have for us. But as of now, the numbers just dont add up. What a beautiful plan our Father prepared for us. Get on your knees and thank him for that grace. And then, go out and do everything you can to love Him as much as He loves us. Follow Him.
God bless,
Elder Hein  

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