Monday, June 1, 2015

We're Famous!


Pretty good week here in good ol' Fianarantsoa! Seen some progress in some new investigators and some old ones!! Also, the Branch seems  to be improving each and every week, which is what we are working for. We've been doing tons of trainings, visits, lessons, talks, etc....Loads of stuff that is hopefully helping the Branch. It is sure helping me! I've had a great opportunity in this area to really see how a Branch works and what really happens underneath the surface. And trust me, there is tons of stuff underneath the surface here. I wont lie, it is tiring. But, we are just fixing up the creases and pushing out the air bubbles. It is a process, but we aren't looking forward to tomorrow. We are looking at 20 years down the road when this place is a Stake (an area with multiple congregations). We are working towards that and sometimes it is hard to get that through to the members. It is just a process and it is not like this hasn't happened before. It happens everywhere, all the time. We just need to remember that God is perfect, the church is perfect, and the members aren't. But the church is there for the "perfecting of the Saints."

Other stuff:

IT IS FREEZING HERE. I kid you not. Madagascar is not this tropical island that everyone thinks it is haha. Fianarantsoa gets COLD. Maybe Im just not used to it though haha. I'm gonna get to Provo in December and die. 

WE ARE FAMOUS. Or, infamous....Talking to some members last night and they were telling us about a Pastor giving a sermon on TV last week. He's a Pastor here in Fianarantsoa and took time in his sermon to say, "Don't listen to those white guys on bikes." HAHAHAHAHA obviously the work is going well and we are making a big stamp on Fianarantsoa. I'm not saying we have thousands of people flocking to our doors, but The Spirit of The Lord is touching many here. The 8 Elders are working hard. Especially, the four on bikes;)

Well, ladies and gents, this is my last week. Some of y'all might not know why Im heading home a couple transfers early, but there is a reason!! haha. Im getting a final surgery on my hand to fix it up for good. Very disappointing, but The Lord has something for me on the other side. I know that. 

So, I got a lot on my mind. A lot of thoughts, a lot of feelings. I honestly dont know how I should be feeling haha. Ive learned to much too even begin to describe. I wish I could spit it all out. I really wish I could. But you know what? I'll try to do it next week. I'll get on and give my last testimony. 

Till next week. God bless. 

Elder Hein 

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