Monday, October 6, 2014

First Week in Ambohimanarina

Great first week here in Ambohimanarina. (I cant wait to hear how yall pronounce this name); The area is already popping. We had 17 investigators come to church just for me and my comp's side of work!! The Lord has prepared this area and the missionaries before us worked their tail's off.

So, first about my comp.......Thursday I headed to the office to pick up one of the 15 new elders. I got ELDER STRINGFELLOW!!!!! I was so pumped. I had actually seen his blog a couple weeks ago and telling Elder Anderson how I would probably want to get him!! Hahaha. He is from Bountiful, he's a head taller than me, and he is SUPER good at Malagasy. So confident and smooth. It is awesome. He played football and baseball at Bountiful High and actually just won State in Baseball!!! We get along real well and Im looking forward to these next two transfers with him!!

So more about my area. It is WAY up North. There is so much traffic to get downtown it is ridiculous. Looking at like a two hour bus ride give or take. Yeah it aint too fun. BUT, the area is beautiful. Rice paddies everywhere and its not just flat city roads. Hills and beautiful dropoffs everywhere. Way cool.
AND we live in a house with 4 other elders!! Its a literal party everynight hahaha. Right now we have three Americans, 2 Malagasies, and a Tahitian. That will change in the coming week, but I love the house. Ive been in two man houses my whole mission so it is weird to have other elders in the house besides my comp. Love it.

Pretty short on time, but the work here is on fire. Obviously our program is pretty empty right now because we are splitting the area, but we have tons of baptisms coming up. I will have more time to explain the area next week. Ive only been here 5 days. Yall know it about as well as me hahaha.
Have a great week yall!
Elder Hein

PS Elder Stringfellow has a blog. Look it up!!

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