Tuesday, September 30, 2014



Sorry this is a day late. Power and water are pretty much out all the time. The Government isnt paying the money they should be paying to Jirama the power and water company....So Jirama doesnt have enough money to make the power....Soo The whole country is mad hahaha. Pretty annoying, but also sad that the country doesnt even have enough money to pay the power company. Whew. 

Well, a bittersweet week here in Tanjombato. Set up a lot of goodbye meals at people's houses and made a lot of brownies. I dont know if Ive already told yall, but the name missionaries have for brownies here, is Cockroach bread...hahaha. Malagasies always get so worried. Anyways, I am kinda excited to get on to a new place. See something new. But that doesnt take away from my love of this place. Ive learned a lot here. Worked hard. Struggled. Improved. Trained. But more importantly, developed a greater love for God and the Malagasy people! 

President Adams came to our church on Sunday morning and I translated for him and his wife. President is such a spiritual man. I wanna get to that point. President also loves revealing transfers....so he let us know before we got the transfer news, what was happening with us. He told Elder Anderson he was getting Elder Trujillo! Elder Trujillo was my companion in the MTC!!! They will be perfect together. Personalities just match well. Then President revealed that I will be a Zone Leader and whitewash training in Ambohimanarina!!! (Whitewash is when 2 new missionaries replace two missionaries in a given area - meaning the slate is washed clean of the old and new are brought in.  Training means I will be training a new missionary again.)  I will be opening up the second area in that branch. It is still here in Tana, just way up North. There are already 2 missionaries there and me and my trainee will make it 4. Obviously the work is going well enough to split the area!! Im super excited. Elder Gaul worked there when he left from Ambositra and is super excited for me!!! Ive always wanted to whitewash. I am a little nervous to whitewash train, but I know my new trainee and me are gonna work incredibly hard to get the new area cooking! I will pick up my new comp on Thursday just like I did with Anderson! 

It is gunna be sad saying bye to Elder Anderson! We have had a really good time together and learned a lot from each other. I have no doubt he is ready to lead the area and get out from under the wing of his Papa, Elder Hein haha!

The church is true. I know it is. 

Love y'all. 

Elder Hein 

See the pics of some great people below:

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