Monday, September 15, 2014

Year Mark Week!


Mission keeps flying by! 2 more weeks and ill be getting out of Tanjombato. Crazy crazy crazy. 

Kinda had a rough week here, but fortunately it wasnt Anderson's bowels with the problem...hahaha. He is doing great and starting to find his place in the mission. Ive figured thats pretty much what trainers do. They kinda babysit a little bit and let the kid dip his feet into the mission water. He is doing great and it will be tough leaving him in a couple weeks!! 

Hope everyone had a good September 11th. I hope everyone got a chance to listen to "Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue." I was 6 at the time of the attacks, but I still remember that day. God bless the USA

Had a fun Ward Activity this past Saturday. Our Bishop gave a great lesson on loving each other. Made a great point, "If you dont love your neighbor, you dont love God." Pretty true. We are all siblings that come from the same God. LOVE! Anyways, I got to do the game for all the kids. The kids loved it so much, the parents and adults started playing. It was the Malagasy version of Simon Says. "Rakoto Milaza hoe..." It was a great time. I had a blast. 

Had a slow week work wise with investigators and I got a little down. I just wanna feel like I have made a difference in this area. I feel I have, but I got two weeks to make it better! I began to count the blessings I have received from working here, and there was too many to count. Ive learned so much from this area and Im thankful for that.

I feel people are just too down all the time. Always complaining, worrying about something, stressed out, etc. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS. There are too many to count. I promise. You start thinking of other people more and you realize just how good you have it. Ive noticed that when I do work for myself, or the stats, THE WORK IS TOUGH. But when I have my mind on helping people, I start to see more happiness, better progression, and an overall better outlook on life. If we constantly think and worry about our progression, it doesnt go. We start thinking about others, we progress. Its simple. We grow through service to others. I guess what im trying to say is, SERVE! 

God bless. 

Elder Hein

PS My year mark is on Thursday!!


Having fun taking selfies!!  Check out the kids!!

Elder Anderson found a friend!!

Fried Chicken!!


  1. Jessey, very much enjoy reading your blog every week. It is so good that have been back on your mission and doing so great.

    Keep up the good work
    Brother Scott

  2. Love his attitude and his pictures! So great to keep up with him.

    Sister Tobi Moreland