Monday, September 1, 2014

Locust Apocolypse!!

Howdy! I heard college football is back and on fire. Watch all you can for me! 

Great great week. Work went well, baptisms on the way, and Elder Anderson made banana bread. 

First off, two strange events that happened this past week in the beautiful island of Madagascar. So, here in Madagascar there is one power company that covers water and electricity. Its one of the worst companies in the world, but us missionaries live with it. Supposedly, the President of Madagascar doesnt. His power went out the other night, he got mad, and proceeded to throw the whole Board of Execs into jail from the power company. So this company, Jirama, has no leadership and is threatening a strike....oh boy! Dont worry we have already bought tons of food and stuff, but I kinda want something to happen hahaha. Nothing has happened yet, and Im guessing it will all blow over. 

Secondly, on Thursday I went on a split with a new elder, Elder Johnson. We had just walked out of a time when I get a call from Elder Rice who works in the downtown city. (I lived with Rice in Fort Dauphin) I pick it up and I hear yelling and screaming in the background and Rice screams into the phone, "ARE YOU SEEING THIS?! LOOK AT THE MOUNTAIN. THE LOCUSTS ARE TAKING OVER." I looked at the mountain in the distance and saw this black cloud going around the mountain. It was massive. Im talking, the locusts in the time of Moses in Egypt. Let my people go!! A massive horde of locusts, millions, took over the mountain of Tana on Thursday. Crazy haha. People then collected the locusts and put them on their rice that night....YUMMY

Two videos on this news link to show you what it is like with the locusts: 

I'm pumped for this week because Vololona passed her baptismal interview and the baptism is still on for Saturday!! I was also approached by someone in church who's daughter is getting baptized on Saturday as well. She asked me to baptize her daughter and I was honored!!! Im so excited and it is just awesome to see people change and become new creatures in Christ. 

Now we have another baptism planned for the 27th for a man named Frederique. Hes awesome. Super diligent, always has been, but he has just had one problem: He is living in the sam house as his "wife." This is a MAJOR problem here in Mdagascar. It is kinda new culture to go get legally married. Well he has been learning from missionaries for a while and finally realized that baptism and salvation is pretty important so he moved out last week!! He is now livings somewhere else and is super excited for his baptism. Him and his "wife" will get married down the line, Im sure. But, she has to get divorced from her first husband first....Kinda complicated but awesome because I get to see people lining up their will's with God's, and the blessings are flowing. 

Other than that, we played soccer today and won again. Us missionaries are on a roll. Hearing how bad Manchester United has started off the season, I bet we could beat them. 

Have a good week yall!!! 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

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  1. Wow, those are some crazy videos! I went through a similar "plague" in Argentina but with frogs. Somehow 5 or 6 of them got into our apartment and ended up in our tub.

    Cherish these experiences! They fly by (even when they feel like they'll never end), and they never come back.

    Glad to hear you're doing so well!