Monday, September 8, 2014

Another Week!


Awesome week here in Tanjombato!! Nothing too crazy happened, but we had a baptism!! 

Elder Anderson came in clutch again this week, adding to his cooking skills. Tuesday he had a big craving for some fried chicken, and I cant say I was mad haha. We bought a nice chicken off the side of the street and headed back to the house where I cut it up and he fried it until it was perfect golden brown. For a split second I thought I was in America....Momma Anderson, you taught him well. 

This morning we climbed the mountain in our area that has the name "ANDOHARANOFOTSY" on it. Pretty easy hike, but a pretty tall mountain, and we got a great view of Tana. This place is massive. It just goes on and on. The hike brought me to the good old days of Ambositra climbing the mountains there with Gaul and Dickson. 

Exciting stuff this week was the baptism! Super great day. I was honored to baptize Vololona in the freezing cold water and The Spirit was definitely there testifying of God's love for her. Francya, the little girl, was baptized by her father as he was able to get off work for the baptism. They both received the Gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and I couldnt wipe the smile off my face. Great day!

I am so thankful for the fulness of the Gospel. The baptism by water, and the baptism of fire by the laying on of hands is exactly what was done in Jesus' time. It is the way he set it up. He gave authority to his Apostles and set up his church. That authority to work in his name was lost, but has been restored again through a prohphet in these latter days. I know that is true and THAT IS WHY I AM HERE. I get to witness miracles here in Madagascar through this sacred authority given to man, once again to perform the Lord's work here on Earth. My life is the best!

Have a good week. God bless. 

Elder Hein

My Son!!

My son bakes bread!

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