Friday, September 27, 2013

First Email


Manahoana (hi in malagasy)

Finally we get a P Day to write back. Thursday is the lucky day. What an incredible, exhausting, fun, spiritual, hard, tiring, overwhelming, awesome, tiring, (did i mention tiring?) week. What an unbelievable place the MTC is. It truly is led by Christ and the Holy Ghost is ever present here. 

Hope yall got my letter. Thanks for the DearElders and emails. Also, the package was great. My companion says thanks for the goodies. 

So I am living in West Campus which is Wyview. Its really open and free and has a great atmosphere. Ive been over to main campus a few times now for different things and it feels alot less fun. Tons more missionaries, but all round up into one pen. They've got us taken care of here at the MTC. The food is slightly better than average. But sometimes its hot, brown, and theres plenty of it. 

The Malagasy is coming along....the first week was so tough. The language is so foreign but the teachers help us excited to learn and we are doing alright. The language is easier in some repects to English, but also much harder in other aspects. 95% of all verbs in Malagasy start with M. So there are about a million different combinations of letters after that and it is very hard to remember. And about half the words end with -ana or -nana. Its crazy. We taught someone for the first time yesterday without notes in complete was rough.

The District like i said only has 5 missionaries. 4 elders and one sister. I like it because its kinda us against the world. I like to think they send only the best to Madagascar. The few. The proud. The Malagasys. I was called to be district leader and its a great experience to serve my district by being a leader. The branch president is great and we have good meetings as zone leaders and district leaders. 

There are 7 districts in my zone. Malagasys, Malays(Singapore), Armenians, Greeks, Latvians, Lithuanians. Every district is super small like us. Average of 5 to 8 in a district. We have a lot of foreign elders and sisters in our zone which is super sweet. New Zealand, Canada, Norway, England, Scotland, Wales. We are all pretty close. There are 45 or so missionaries in my Zone. 

The Brits love me because i play soccer haha. We played for gym one time and it was really fun. A bunch of Americans getting whipped by Brits for a week...until I showed up haha. It was a good time and i got called a "proper pocket rocket" for my soccer abilities. We have gym for an hour a day which is great to get out of missionary clothes. 

This has been an incredible week and my love for my Savior Jesus Christ has only grown. Ive felt the Spirit many times this week and know that this is what im supposed to be doing. Jesus died for me and all of us, and two years of service compared to eternity is literally nothing. All he wants us to do is reach out to our friends and love and serve them. 

Love yall, (Tia anareo) 

Elder Hein 

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