Friday, September 27, 2013



I'm alive and well.  I got to the MTC yesterday and was transferred to the West Campus.  Super nice.  Way better than the old original campus.  We are in the Wyview Apartments.  Our Apartment has a living room, kitchen area, bathroom with shower, and 2 bedrooms.

My companion: his name is Elder Trujillo.  He is from Sacramento, CA.  He is 19, almost 20, and studies computer engineering.  Super cool guy.  Really relaxed, quiet but has a big testimony.  He speaks spanish, English, a good bit of French, and now Malagasy.  He plays piano and trumpet and just genuinely enjoys life.

My district: we have a booming district of 5. Haha.  2 Elder companionships and one solo sister!  The other two elders are great guys.  Elder Thompson is from Orangeville, Utah.  Really humble guy.  Easy to get along with.  His Dad fell inactive a few years back and he's hoping his letters home change that.  Really powerful stuff.  His companion's name is Elder Armando.  He is from Mozambique.  Speaks french, portuguese, some African language, some English (pretty good) and soon Malagasy!  He has already served for 5 months in Mozambique due to visa issues.  STRONG TESTIMONY.  Always humming hymns.  Sister Guilamba is by herself.  She is also from Mozambique and speaks the same languages as Elder Armando.  She's and amazing missionary already.  Great spirit about her and I think she knows more than us Elders!  We are a very tight-knit district which I like.  Us 4 elders live in the same place.

Tonight, I got called as District leader.  I heard it's basically just a glorified mailman, haha.  Hope I do well!

Malagasy is crazy hard.  So strange and they just talk nonstop in it.  We've learned how to greet, pray, and say testimony.

It's going great here.  Do't worry about me.  I will write on my next P-day which is Thursday.  We didn't have P-day this Thursday though.  It will be on email.  I will have more details.

Love y'all and remember to try and look at people through Christ's eyes.

Elder Hein

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