Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Babb is sick

A pretty slow week here due to my comp getting sick on Friday night. He might have the black plague....hahaha just kidding, but in case yall didnt know, that disease is not dead. It is still alive and well here in Madagascar. I think Elder Babb just ate something funky. Thats usually what sicknesses come from here. And it kinda sucks because Babb turns 20 today!! Sick on his birthday woohoo!!

So we didn't get to go to church, but we had 13 investigators with a new one coming for his first time. The Branch leaders decided they needed to get closer with the investigators(after months of begging hahha) and had a little "get to know your Branch leaders" thing after church. I heard it went great and Im sure we will have great success from it. It is incredible how much help we need from the members. I dont care if you can preach as great as the Apostle Paul. WE NEED MEMBER HELP.

I had one of the most heart warming experiences of my mission on Tuesday. I almost burst into tears. We have been teaching this family of 9 who live in a one room "oven." No water, no power. Which isnt too uncommon in this country, but they are very very very very poor. They are farmers and look at life with the most incredible outlook I have ever seen. We showed up late to the lesson so we werent going to be able to teach them. But, we brought a Book of Mormon for them to drop off. When they saw the Book of Mormon, it was as if Jesus Christ had given it to them himself. I have never seen nor felt that incredible of a reaction on my mission. The whole family crowded around Babb and I as we showed them the pictures. To top it all off, they would not let us leave without them giving us something in return. They had just harvested rice that day and insisted on giving us some. We didnt have a plastic bag, so they took us down the street to a shop and bought us a plastic bag so they could give us the 2 kilos of rice as a gift. I could not believe the unselfishness and love demonstrated by them. It is moments like that, that make the whole mission worth it. It puts into perspective how far I still have to go, to become like my Savior, Jesus Christ. Those people, are really close.

In the season of goal setting, read this talk:
One of my all time favorites. Look forward to the future. Remember Lots's wife.
God bless.
Elder Hein
Doing some farm work baby!  We eating rice tonight!

Harvesting Time!

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