Monday, January 26, 2015

The Past Two Weeks

Howdy. Sorry for the lack of an email the past week. Got caught up in traffic and couldnt get to a computer fast enough. 

Well all you need to know about two weeks ago was that Elder Babb was sick…all week. It was pretty rough so I bet the email wouldn't have been that great hahah. 

Elder Babb's health is back and he is just on the brink of committing to BYU. Lots of my personal prayers have gone into this hahahaha. 

The Flood
All of Tana right now is a big lake. All the rice fields are being harvested and the water is about 4 feet deep. So there are some areas here in Tana that are just completely flooded. Some charities have provided tents for people to stay in as the water has flooded neighborhoods.I had the grand opportunity of walking through crotch deep water this past Thursday for about 1 km. The water was pretty cold, but around the overflown bathrooms....the water got a little hot...hahahah;  

Well, let me tell you, on a mission, sometimes nothing goes right. This past week has been rough. We couldnt catch anyone. We had 7 lessons planned on Saturday, only 1 was was that kind of week. Our baptismal dates continue to be pushed back. Norbert is insistent on getting baptized in that new building so we are still waiting. God's gift of agency is a little annoying sometimes hahaha. Newest news on the building is, they are receiving the key to the church this week. Ive heard that a million times ever since I got to this area, but I think this is the one. Yanta and Flavien are still having problems with their papers. The government messed up Flavien's ID. Put the wrong age on there....Satan is working pretty hard against this couple. We have a couple other investigators though that are really progressing and there should be some baptisms in February and March. 

From a couple weeks ago
Went on a couple "surprise splits" this week. Just showing up at the Elders house and saying, "ITS YOUR LUCKY DAY!!" Hahah. I got to go with one of my favorite missionaries in the mission in his area this past Thursday. His name is Elder Davis and he is from Scotland. He is the biggest Celtic FC fan I have ever seen in my life. He is probably the biggest fan of any sport team I have ever seen in my life haha. You mention Celtic's rival team, Rangers, and you're getting thrown into the rice fields haha. The whole day we just talked about the great game of soccer. Loved it. 

Transfers are next week and I have no idea if Im staying or leaving. Either way, ive learned a lot in this past 4 months. One thing I've really learned here is PATIENCE haha. Patience is a big character trait that everyone has here in Mada. Everything is in God's hands and it is going on His schedule. He's got this master clock that aint gunna change, no matter how hard you try. And Ive noticed it has been in  the times where we endure, that we learn the most. Its when we are frustrated that we finally suck up our pride and get on our knees and ask for help from our Father in Heaven. It shouldnt take frustration to do that. Instead of asking "Why?", we need to ask Him to show us what we need to learn at this specific time. Once we open our spiritual eyes and take a good hard look, we begin to see the ways we have grown. Thats what I have seen over my mission. The goal is perfection. It takes eternity to reach and eternity starts today. Its the little things we dont even think about that over time, will help us reach that goal. I testify of that. 

Have a great week. And God bless, 

Elder Hein
Tana is an ocean!

Tana is a flood right now

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