Monday, February 2, 2015



Transfers were exciting...NOT. Nothing happened haha. Babb and I are together for another transfer here in Ambohimanarina. Ive never spent more than three transfers in an area, so it will be exciting to see how it ends up. 

Which means....I should definitely see the baptisms of Norbert and fam, Yanta and Flavien, and some others that are progressing. Also, I should see the grand opening of the new church.....fingers crossed. I dont wanna promise anything, because I have for 4 months haha. Last time I went by it, everything was set up, and they were just putting up paintings. Soooooo, we should be in there pretty soon. 

About Im an a split on Thursday night in another area and I get a call from Norbert saying he is surprising his wife on Friday morning and getting married(officially, on paper) They were going to do it the day of their baptism, but he wanted to make it a surprise. So we showed up at the governent place in the morning and helped take part in the surprise. She walked in and just died laughing. Norbert was so happy. He shared a scripture out of 3 Nephi and started telling the Area Mayor about the temple. The man is a legend. It was just Babb, me, one of the APs, Norbert, his wife, and three witnesses. It was awesome. Only in Mada can you surprise your spouse with a wedding HAHAHA. Then that night we were invited to a party he trew for close family. At an insanely niceretaurant. There were 5 courses and then cake haha. Best fish and shrimp Ive had in a loooooong time. 

The work this week didnt progress too much. Our house we are living in now has some problems so we are trying to find a new one. So whenever we arent teaching, we are looking for a new house. Kinda reminds me of my first area when Gaul and I looked for a church building. Had a Zone Meeting this week where Babb and I taught out of a talk from Gordon B Hinckley called "Dont Drop the Ball." A MUST READ. Talks about our reputations as individuals and how people often remember one small dumb thing we did in our lives. It completely applies to missionaries. Its crazy how everyone in this mission knows so much about everybody. We want to leave great legacies and because of that we cant drop the ball. Not even for a second. 

Got a call yesterday morning from President saying they needed one of us to translate for Elder Von Reenan, a I had to go on a split and translate for him and President at another Ward's meeting. It wasnt too bad. But he got up to bear his testimony....He started out saying, "I am grateful to bear my testimony today. My cup truly runneth over." I kinda looked at him like, "You think I cant translate that?" Haha. The rest of it was fine. Just a little nerve racking. 

Not too many exciting things this week, but Ill share a small experience that I had yesterday on a split:

We had just walked over 15 minutes through rice fields to teach this one family. Pouring rain, slippery paths, i fell in, the whole nine yards. Start teaching this famiy and they just obviusly arent too interested today. The lesson was coming to a close and I hadnt said anything yet. We were teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my favorite lesson. Elder Razazarohavana looked at me for some last words and I just felt prompted to go off. I had thoughts run into my mind of Christ suffering for them in the Garden. I had thoughts of Him on the cross for them. I had thoughts of Christ overcoming death for them. I couldnt let it just be. The power of the Holy Spirit came upon the room as I talked of the atonement. I spoke some of the best Malagasy I have ever spoken. The words I spoke did not come from me. The words were straight from The Spirit. It was an incredible experience. When we just go with the revelation that comes in our lives and let the Spirit guide, we see how powerful God truly is. We cant be afraid to act on promptings. We cant be afraid to teach the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We cannot be"ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ." 

God bless. 

Elder Hein

Norbert's Party
New Suits - with traditional Malagasy cloth inside.  I got a light and dark (both blue) suit now.

Elder Babb and I showing our new duds.

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