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This week was great!! Nothing too exciting. Yesterday was amazing. We had 15 investigators and 2 less-actives come(who are completely active now!!). So the work is going great! There wasn't any super amazing cool story this week unfortunately, so I was thinking I just might tell y'all about some of our investigators. 

Desire: Ive never mentioned this guy before. He is turning out to be one my top 5 favorite investigators of all time. He's 35, not married, but lives with his family. He is kind of a loner. Stringfellow and I tracted into him one day. Taught him and I wont lie, I thought, "This guy wont ever progress." But, he liked the teachings and so we kept going back. He kept reading The Book of Mormon and the small fire began to grow within. We had been teaching him for about 8 weeks and he still hadnt come to church. Just a nervous shy guy. Well, he came once. Just once. Like 6 weeks ago. We werent there(due to Babb being sick) and the Elder's Quorum President took him under his wing. He hasnt missed a week since and is on absolute fire. Havent ever seen an investigator so pumped about us coming over haha. He will be baptized on the 21st. He will be the first investigator I tracted into, taught all the lessons, and see the baptism!! I love this guy. 

Tanjona: Well this guy is probably my favorite investigator of all time. I have talked about him before. He is the house builder that yelled to us from the roof. HE IS A LEGEND. Hes 25 and now married(in Malagasy standards, which he knows isnt enough.) This guy has had one trial after another. I have never seen an investigator have to deal with so much. I have also never seen an investigator with as much faith. God pulls through for him at the last second every time, purely on his faith. He was getting married on Sunday two weeks ago and needed 150,000 AR. (A lot of money.) He came begging to us for money saying that he would pay us back the next week. His boss didnt have the money but would the next week. Well....that cant happen. We just counseled him to pray. At 1 PM on Saturday afternoon, his boss called and said he had 200,000 AR for Tanjona. Literally 15 hours before the wedding.....thats called cutting it close haha. The Lord has pulled through for him many times and Tanjona knows that. He will be baptized in March. 

Hanta and Flavien: They are struggling with the papers still. BUT THEY ARE FINISHED. For good this time. They are just sitting in Tamatave and will be put on a bus today to come here to Tana. It's been over 2.5 years of trying, but this is it. I feel it. We have them scheduled for the 21st along with their adopted niece and their neighbor!! PRAYERS FOR THEM WOULD BE GREAT!!

Norbert and fam: Just pure legends. Isabel(his wife) will be General Relief Society President one day. Trust me. Always bringing new investigators to us!! Just awesome. Waiting on new building....whats new? But the consturction company has completely left the building. Everything is set up, etc. Soooooo Im thinking this week! But dont quote me on that. 

Thats just a few! I'll live yall some more next week. 

I read this talk called "The Fourth Missionary" this week by Lawrence Corbridge. Unbelievable. Incredible. I cant stop raving about it. EVERY SINGLE FUTURE MISSIONARY NEEDS TO READ THIS. The talk was given when he was a mission president. He is now a Seventy. He talks a lot about desires and our wills. It completely applies to our lives as well. If we follow the commandments with exactness, but dont do it with good intentions, IT PROFITS US NOTHING. God wont judge us purely on what we've done. He will judge us based on HOW we did it. We need to have a desire to do The Lord's will. Don't go to church just because that is a commandment. Go because you want to. It will profit you nothing if you just go. We cant have that constant battle in our minds. "I dont wanna do it, but that's what God wants." We cant do it grudingly. We have to DESIRE it. Very difficult to do, but we can do it. That's why we are here. To prepare, to learn, to change, to BECOME. To become like our Father in Heaven. If you want to do that, we need to WANT to do His will. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

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