Monday, November 11, 2013

The End of the World

Another great week here in the Boosht. (Ambositra) Lots of things to cover:
First off the rain, it absolutely pours here everyday. No point for an umbrella so we just walk right through it haha. I just look at it as my afternoon hour long shower. Other than the rain, the weather is absolutely perfect here. Sometimes it might be a little hot for the Malagasies here, but they dont know Texas summers.
Secondly the work, it is awesome. We are working a lot with the branch here and in Anjoma. The church is so new here that we have to help the branch presidents alot with how the branch works. But the branch is running pretty well on its own. Just a few things we help out with. Our main concern is less active members. We have way a large number of them. We go around visiting them a lot. It's hard work but we got a good family to come back to church this week. SO REWARDING. Awesome stuff. Also we have 4 baptism dates set for the next two months. Working on a couple others. I love the Lord's work.
Elder Gaul and I also cover a town called Anjoma about an hour away. It is not the end of the world, but you can see it from there. I challenge anyone to find a more remote place than that. It is just a farming community that covers tons of space. Me and Gaul go there every Saturday to teach people and visit. Well we taught our investigators and it started to rain...HARD. We stayed under cover for a while until it slowed down. It stopped and we decided to visit a less active about 2 miles away. 2 miles of mud and rice fields. We made it all the way there for his wife to tell us he was out of town haha. Well we turned back and started the haul back. Well, it started to hail...HARD. The hail was about the size of large marbles. It was crazy funny. We were just running, slipping on mud, almost ffalling in rice paddies all at the same time. After about a mile of that, it turned into hard hard rain. We were just soaked haha. And because of the lack of paved roads, we are basically walking through mud rivers hahahah. It was awesome. I doubt many missionaries can say they ever ran through rice fields, getting hailed on!!!!

Church meetings are so different here. Same organization and everything but just so small and quaint. Had to give a talk this week in church on the 12th article of faith.   I struggle with the language and then had to give a talk about government and following the law?!?! Missionary life i guess haha

Madagascar is so different. Really hard to explain. But so awesome. Everything in this country is dirt cheap. Gaul got a haircut today for a 1000 ariary. Thats 50 cents hahaha

I am slowly getting adjusted to the food. We eat at this restaurant every day called the Oasis. There I can eat other things than rice so its a good change haha. But I am starting to enjoy little by little, the amount of rice they eat. Also, after the meal you have to drink the burnt rice water, rano pango. Really gross to me but I am acquiring the taste and its not that bad. Kinda soothes the belly after the meal!!
I hope yall enjoy the pics and video. Just want yall to know that Im having a great time and that I feel yalls prayers in my behalf.  See the pics below.

Maztoa (Be diligent, see ya, adios)
Elder Hein

This is the view from my apartment.

This is the view from the church.

This is the chapel in Ambositra.

Rice field chillin'

My Companion Elder Gaul eating a mango.

The church house in Ambositra.

Traffic jam in Ambositra

The End of the World - Anjoma


A Dung Beetle!


  1. Love the post. Keep up the great efforts at the end of the world. Love ya, Jessey.

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  3. My niece's brother-in-law, Elder Garen Bowler, is in your mission also.

  4. If you have to wake my 3-footed son up in the morning, use a very very long stick. you've been warned...

    Bro. Gaul