Monday, November 25, 2013


Rain was back in full force this week.
What a great week!!! We had tons of work and this week absolutely flew by. Cant believe Im back in the cyber already.
First off, no rick shaw incident this week...Whew. Probably because we didnt take one haha. But......I got sick for the first time in Mada. Just ate something that my body didnt want I guess. I saw the kitchen of the restaurant we eat at, and I think that might be the reason hahahaha. Momma wouldnt be too proud of how clean that kitchen is:) Felt pretty bad Tuesday through Thursday, but nothing to keep us from going out!
Last week was a tough working week, which really brought me and Gaul to prayer. We were both praying pretty hard for a better week and more people to teach!! We just wanna get in and talk to people! Well, I can say prayers are definitely answered because we picked up some great investigators and had some really really good lessons.
The Lord works in mysterious ways: Every Wednesday we teach English at the church for anyone that wants to come. Usually there is a kid that comes that is awesome. Love him to death. We had an appointment to teach someone about his age after the English class and wanted to bring him with. Well he didnt show up....So we were gunna bring this 25 year old guy thats super cool as well. As we start walking to the appointment after the English class, 5 of his friends come up to him and start talking. I was getting a little impatient because I wanted to go teach. Well, turns out those 5 guys were bored and wanted to learn. So we changed up our plans and walked with them back to their house to teach. It was pouring down rain as we got to their house. We had to basically yell while we were teaching because of the rain hitting the metal roof so hard. But the Spirit was there and the guys were all super eager to hear the message. So Sunday rolls around and TWO OF THE GUYS COME TO CHURCH BY THEMSELVES!!! I didnt know why the kid that usually shows up didnt show to the English class, but now I do. We were supposed to teach those other guys that day.  And now we have a few great investigators!!!
Wasnt too much else this week. It just seemed like all our times were filled up and we taught some really good lessons! We also tracted into a few possible great investigators which was something new here in the Boosht. On Tuesday, vazahas from South Africa that work for the Adventist Church are inviting us over for a pre Thanksgiving feast!! I dont know what she will be serving but last time we were there, it was awesome. Saturday, Gaul and I are headed up to Antsirabe for a Zone Conference. Antsirabe is awesome and its always great to see other Elders!!
I hope everyone has a very good Thanksgiving holiday!! Eat some turkey for me and some yams as well. Also, a nice slice of apple pie with whipped cream on top...thats the good stuff. Just take a second to reflect on God's blessings and the great lives we live. He's given us everything. God bless.
Elder Hein

Found the house that Jesus talked about. "The wise man built his house upon a rock"

The Football Pitch

Another view of the Football Pitch

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