Monday, November 18, 2013

The Pous-Pous!

Im still alive here in Madagascar. Weather was very strange here in Ambositra, no rain. But it is getting pretty dang hot here. I bet when we get to Christmas it will be nice and steamy.
So on tuesday the Zone Leader came down from Antsirabe with his companion to do splits with us. I love our ZL but of course he goes with Elder Gaul and I get Elder Adrianaranjoa. Native missionary from Antananarivo. Great guy but I definitely had to use my Malagasy a lot more that day. Which was extremely difficult. I definitely learned a lot that day though!!!
I made the biggest improvement tjis week in the language so far. But its still TOUGH. Some lessons I go in and do great, other lessons....I walk out and ask Elder Gaul "By the beard of zeus, what just happened in there?" The language is just so different from english it is hard to explain. Grammar is all backwards and the words are like 15 letters long. Its comin along though.
The work here was tough this week. We had a few investigators move which was disappointing. We did a lot of tracting this week which meant a lot of walking. A LOT. Its all good though, its good to get a good sweat in everyday. We are working hard to get the members to help us as missionaries. The work of salvation can be so greatly helped by the members. So if you are reading this, HELP THE MISSIONARIES IN YOUR WARD. Thanks yall haha
Elder Gaul and I organized soccer this week with members!!! We had a bunch come out and it was awesome!! Played in some hills on a clay/dirt/weeds/rocks field. It was legendary. Ive always wanted to play with kids in the streets/dirt field and I got my chance. These kids are just running around barefoot on these rocks. I have no idea how their feet hold up!! Im bad at the language but it was awesome to speak with everyone through the language I do know: soccer.
Well, for the exciting story of the week. Elder Gaul wasnt feeling that great one day so we took a pous-pous back to our apartment. A pous-pous is basically a human wheelbarrow. You sit down and the guy picks it up and just runs you where youre going. Two wheels provide the pivot point on the pouspous. Well, these guys are used to carrying malagasies. Not big americans. (Yes i am big here) There is a large hill down to our flat that both me and Gaul were a little worried would cause the driver a little issue. The momentum of 400 plus pounds might have been too much. Well he proceeds to run down this hill. He is going so fast and there is so much momentum that his feet are barely touching the floor. The dude is flying. Its all he can do to keep the pouspous balanced. Well we get down to the bottom of the hill and a car is coming straight for us. The guy tries to turn the pouspous but cant........All of a sudden we slam our backs on the road. We look up and the driver is hanging from the pouspous. HAHAH it happened right at the bottom of the hill where everyone was. We just here tons of laughter and me and Gaul just start dying. It was so dang funny. The guy was so embarrassed. I felt bad for him. Two americans were just too much for him I guess. No injuries hahah
Thats the week. I was feeling real down at one point this week, but then I thought of the Savior. He did this his whole life for me. For all of us. Thats how much he loves us. He did it so we could have eternal salvation. Whats two years in the eternities?? Oh yeah, nothing. I know he lives and loves all of us.
Much love,
Elder Hein
Craving of the week: Whataburger Number 1 with fries and a Dr Pepper
Typical Neighborhood

Check out the Spiders
 Look at the size of the spiders!
 Found the basketball hoop in Ambositra!

 Mada at night.
 This was the hill of the famous Pous-Pous incident.
 The restaurant we eat at everyday.
What the main street looks like in the boosht!

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