Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Week

Hello all!! Hope yall had a great Bird Day!!

The weeks just keep getting better and better and I am really enjoying all my time here!! 

The rain started coming down really hard this week. And we have had a big problem with our house flooding. It is just the front room, but it is very annoying to come home to half an inch of water that we have to clean up! The way they built the patio wasnt too smart. The patio is higher than the actual floor, and the door isnt the best, so when the patio floods, it goes straight under our door and into our living room!! Elder Gaul and I had just finished mopping it all up when it started pouring again....We just stood at the front door shoving as much water as we could hahah. "HOLD THE LINE!!!" But the water beat us and we just went to bed haha. The landlord said she will fix it soon. 

On Tuesday, we had a great meal at some great folks from South Africa! They invited all the vazhas in the city to enjoy it. We had 8 of us there and none of them were from the US besides me and Gaul. But they loved celebrating Thanksgiving all the same. She made some great bread and sausage. Very very nice family. 

On Wednesday, we went out to a part of the city that we hadnt ever been to. We tracked into an older guy that let us right in. Super nice. As I shook his hand, I noticed his skin was very very flaky. He let us know that he had been having a problem with his skin for the past week. It seriously looked like leprosy...but me and Gaul are both in good health so dont worry. The man had an appointment with the doctor the next day and Im sure will be on some medication when we have a retuen appointment. 

Saturday, we came up to Antisrabe and that is where I am now!! It is such a big city with great members. Plus they have very nice retaurants, really good ice cream, and more American food. Gaul and I have a blast coming here because we get to go to Shoprite. Its a store that is really expensive but is just a little taste of American grocery store life. Its great. But the main reason we came here was for a zone conference. We just had it this morning and it was AWESOME. Elder Renlund of the Seventy was there and brought such a special Spirit. Us as missionaries really got a lot out of it and feel super pumped to get out and start working again. 

I have been reminded over and over agin this week of the principle of faith. Its not just something you have. Its something you do. A lot of the times I feel us as humans, expect some great scripture miracle to happen to us after we say a prayer. Thats not how it works. As it says in Ether 12, we only receive the witness AFTER the trial of our faith. The Lord has to test us that we trust him. That we know, he has the reigns. And when our faith is sufficient, we can perfrom miracles. All of us can. I know it. 

Elder Hein
Sitting with a member

Willy Wonka's Chocolate River

Our apartment, flooded!

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