Monday, December 9, 2013

Transfer News - I am staying in Ambositra

Great to get back to Ambositra with a new focus from the Zone Conference in Antsirabe! We felt refreshed and ready to work really hard this week. Which we did. It seemed like we walked a thousand miles this week, but all for some great people and families. So we are getting closer and closer to our 4 baptisms coming up and let me tell you a little bit about each of them.
Dec 28 we have 2 baptisms scheduled in Anjoma. Their names are Dada and Marie. Not related, not married. Just two great people that wanted to learn. They really grasp onto everything and you can tell the Spirit is working in their lives. Dada is a younger man. He farms and teaches school. Really funny guy. Marie is an older lady that is super intelligent. She loves learning and is super duper humble. Both of them are mazoto(dilligent, studious) and are looking forward to their baptisms.
Jan 4 we have 2 more sceduled here in Ambositra. Richard and Odette. Married couple with 3 kids. They live way up in the hills but come to church every single week. They are farmers and are probably the most humble people I have ever met. They have an incredible story. They have been learning for a while, but have had a big issue with paraky(chewing tobacco). Enough to the point where Richard couldnt sleep or would get sick if he wouldnt chew. But they have really relied on the Atonement of Jeus Christ and have overcome the addiction!!!!!!!!!! They havent chewed in almost three weeks and are doing incredible. Its amazing that through Christ we can conquer all. Amazing people. Please pray for the continual strength to overcome the addiction. 

Well, I made it to my first Transfer News!!!! It was a really exciting night Sunday night as we anxiously awaited the call from our Zone leader. In this mission, there is a transfer every six weeks. Im pretty sure most lmissions are doing that as well. It was a MASSIVE transfer with elders and sisters moving all over the island. It was especially exciting for Elder Gaul because he tests the accuracy of his "Mock Transfer." It has been up on the white board for a couple weeks, and he has made little changes here and there. Gotta give him props, he didnt do too shabby. But still nowhere close to what actually happened haha. He said he might retire from his Mock Transfer career as the mission gets younger and younger haha.
The mission is awesome. Hard to describe. Hard, fun, exhausting, wet, beautiful, disappointing, rewarding. The list goes on and on. Way better than I thought it would be. Time is absolutely flying and I know that is purely because The Lord's work is busy, but also because Im also having fun doing it. Its amazing seeing people change their lives completely to line it up with the path the Savior has layed out for them. 

God bless
Elder Hein
Lychee Season!!!!!!

Yes, the Amazon River stretches to Madagascar!!  Ha Ha!

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