Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Baptism Week! More Pics - Video Footage

Really crunched for time this week, but a couple big time things happening here in Ambositra! 

First off, Thursday was Elder Gaul's year mark. Big time mark for him. The second half of the mission is gunna fly for him. He is gunna leave Ambositra at the end of January which will be rough!!

On Friday, it was Election Day here in Mada. Down to two candidates, Dr. Robinson and Hery Vaovao. Dont have time to keep up with their policies and stuff, but lets just say me and Gaul are happy that the election is over...For the past few weeks the campaigning here has been ridiculous. They call it propaganda here. Just nonstop noise. People just go around in cars blasting loud music with pictures of the candidate on the windows. Lets just say its a little different than United States campaigning haha. But, that has all come to an end and we will know the results sometime in January. 

Saturday was a big day!! President and Sister Adams came down to Ambositra to give a little training and meet with us Elders. We had a nice breakfast with them and it was good to see them. They gave a great training on the goal of the mission here in Madagascar and directly after that we had our baptism!! President and Sister Adams also stayed for that which was awesome. 

The baptism was an incredible experience. Elder Gaul baptized Odette and I was fortunate enough to baptize Richard. There was an incredible Spirit felt there and the couple was just overjoyed. There was just such a feeling of peace there thats pretty hard to explain. It has been incredible to see the change in their lives and how they have become "new creatures in Christ" like it talks about in 2 Cor 5 17. 

Thats all I got time for today! I wish everyone the best Christmas possible. Enjoy the festivities, family, food, lights, presents, bowl games, and all the rest of the season!!!! But please take a moment to remember what we are truly celebrating. Might be a little cliche, but when you think of our Saviors birth, everything seems less important. Remember his birth, life, mission, and most importantly: his Atonement. 

Christ is the reason for the Season

Love yall

Elder Hein
Odette and Richard on their baptismal day!

The best pitch I've seen yet!
This is the gym where we work out as many mornings as we can.  It is not much but it is free.  Check out the bar we use for bench pressing.  

Elder Gaul and I just having a good time.

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