Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas & Waterfall Greatness

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!! No snow here in Ambositra but Im still dreaming it comes. 

Christmas Eve was awesome cause I could Skype my fam!!!!! So great to see them and just talk with them!!! Cant wait till Mothers Day so we can do it again!!

Christmas here was definitely different to say the least haha. Woke up to a nice hot day. The family from South Africa invited us over for lunch!! It was awesome. Great food, great conversations, and just a great time. Its fun to just talk about how different Mada is with other people who kinda get where we are coming from haha. The rest of the day we went back to work which wasnt too bad. People in the streets were blasting Christmas songs so that was great. Gaul and I jammed out to Mariah Carey's "All I want for Christmas is You" HAHAHA. Then a family from the branch had us over and fed us Sambosas and Malagasy pizza. So Good. Sambosas are kinda like pizza pockets in America, just bigger. They are incredible. If we bring cheese, she will make us Sambosas and Pizza on our next visit. Needless to say, Gaul and I have done that a lot. haha

Saturday was such a blessing. We had two baptisms in Anjoma. The two individuals being baptized were Dada and Marie. Great people and have been prepared by the Spirit for a long time. On the taxibe ride to Anjoma, I had a couple crazy experiences. First off we are fitting 8 individuals on a bench for 4 people....Then this little kid next to me on his mother's lap, starts throwing up...HAHAHA. Then we picked up another old man on the side of the road. No space for him sooooooo, on my lap he goes!!!! Wasnt the most comfortable ride, Ill say that hahaha. 

As we were on the taxibe to Anjoma and there were some members waiting for us on the side of the road. We stopped the taxibe and got out. We then proceeded to walk a few kilometers through some fields. All of a sudden, I see a waterfall in the distance. A kid from the branch turns to me and tells me that is the font. THE BAPTISMAL FONT IS AT THE TOP OF A WATERFALL!! I couldnt believe it!!! Its hard to describe how cool it is. I hope the pics help!!

The baptism went super well and the two baptized individuals then bore incredible testimonies about the Savior and his plan for them. The Spirit was there in abundance. Once again, it was great to see peoples lives change. One of the coolest things in the world. 

Well thats pretty much the week!! I hope everyone took the time to read Luke 2 for Christmas! What an incredible moment in history. Without Jesus' life, there is no point to ours. The Atonement of Jesus Christ opens the door for us to progress and do so many things. We can overcome any temptation and make ourselves better each and every day. I know Jesus Christ lives and loves each and every one of us. His love is prevalent in everyone of our lives. We just have to stop and look for it!! 

Love yall

Elder Hein
On the way to the baptismal font.
The baptismal font.

Dada, Marie and Elder Gaul

Members at the baptism.

Elder Gaul and I

Baptism Program

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