Monday, March 3, 2014


What a final week here in my birthplace of Ambositra!! 

Pretty solid week work-wise. We got some more baptisms planned for the coming weeks and it is kinda sad that I can't be a part of them. But; the work of The Lord goes on no matter what missionary is there. 

All week I knew I was going to get transferred so I said goodbye to pretty much everyone. I realized how much I loved this area and have come to love the people in it. Last night, we had a farewell with the family of Richard and Odette. I became very close with them in a very short short period of time. I have seen them "become new creatures in Christ" 2 Cor 5:17. When I got here, they had a bad problem with chewing tobacco. They were not members and they were still learning from us. In my four months here, I have seen them drop the habit, get baptized, seen Richard baptize his daughter, to finally this past Sunday, Richard blessed the sacrament. I feel like I needed this family more than they needed me. I have seen amazing things happen in the hands of The Lord. 

Transfer News comes in Sunday nights and I was super anxious. Couldnt stop thinking about it. I thought for sure I would make my way to Antananarivo. Well President Adams dropped by our house early Saturday morning. He was on his way further South and decided to drop by. He spoiled the Sunday night news a little early and told us where I was going, and who Elder Dickson's new companion would be. Drum roll please....


I could not be more excited to go down to the beach!! Ever since I got in country, I have dreamed about going to Fort Dauphin and I cant believe I'm going!! So excited. I have seen pictures and it looks like paradise. We can see the beach from our house....yeah it is awesome. There are also lemurs, crocodiles, dolphins!!! I am so pumped. 

Also, right now there are only two missionaries there but it is growing to 4 missionaries this transfer. The work is incredible down there. That is all Ive ever heard and I cant wait to be apart of it. 

My new comp is Elder Fox. He has a blog:

I leave Ambositra tomorrow and drive up to Tana. Then I will fly down to Fort Dauphin on Wednesday. 

Very sad to leave this place, but excited for the journey ahead. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

PS Go look up Fort Dauphin right now. Trust me. 
You will be jealous.

My Favorite Picture of me in Madagascar

Love this family!  This is in Anjoma.
Love this family!

Love this family!

Do I look like my dad here?  I think so.   - This is in Anjoma. 

Rainy Ambositra

Two bananas… one!!

Elder Dickson got a haircut….is Eminem in Mada right now???

Transfer News!!!

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