Monday, March 17, 2014

Howdy - Spring Break - not jealous!


Heard it was Spring Break back home and I cant say I'm jealous....I feel like I am on vacation here everyday in Fort Dauphin. Oh yeah, I will probably be here on vacation for 6 months...who is jealous now?? Haha

I feel like I am learning a new language here!! It is because I am. There are two crazy dialects down here that are way different thhan what I am used to. Antanosy and Antandroy. And then there is Southern talk, which is a bunch of new words too. Three new languages. Pretty awesome stuff. Most people understand Merina(official) but there are some people that dont, so Ive really been working hard with Elder Fox who is a linguistic genius. 

My hand: I am getting better and better everyday. They will be pulling out the stitches on Wednesday and I will be interested to see my killer scar start to form. I have been taken care of down here quite well. The mission nurse, President Adams(who is a doctor), and a doctor in South Africa have been keeping tabs on me. Thank you for all the prayers. Fox, Rice, and Rakotonjanahary all make fun of me, which is nice haha. They are a big help as well. 

So a little bit about the two other elders here in Fort D. Me and Fox work in the Tanambao area and Rice and Rakoto work in the Ampahiry area. 

Elder Rice is from Boise, ID. Played a bunch of sports growing up but Rugby is his love. He got into country six weeks before me so we are both sorta just getting the language down. He's a boss. 

Elder Rakotonjanahary is from Antsirabe, Madagascar. He is one of the chillest guys I have ever met. He doesnt speak the best english so it is great practice for my Malagasy. He finishes his mission in August, which is coming up pretty fast. He's a boss as well. 

The people here in Fort D are incredible. So nice and so open to hearing about the Gospel. It is a very chill lifestyle here. I will get more pictures of the city next week. It is like Jamaica collided with Africa. Hope that helps haha. 

We get to teach English every week here and people actually show up!! No one would in Ambositra. We get like 40 people to our class for a couple hours. It is fun to see what questions people have. Mainly just music lyrics hahaha. 

Well moving here to Fort D has made Mada so much bigger to me. Im so far away from my last area but Ive come to the same conclusion...God loves all His children the same no matter where they are. Whether in the middle of the Mada mountains, or where the land meets the Indian Ocean. We cant fathom that love, but I see it each and every day. Im learning way more from the people in Mada than I can possibly ever teach them.

God bless, 

Elder Hein

PS Happy March Madness. GO BYU
The four of us:  Elder Hein (TX), Elder Rakotonjanahary (Mada), Elder Fox (WA), Elder Rice (ID)  
View from our apartment

View from our apartment

The beach this morning

Walking with the Elders

Beach this morning!

Our apartment is on the 2nd floor.

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