Friday, November 21, 2014

The Week

Nothing too big this week!! It is just crazy how much I feel at home in this crazy place.
Had to say goodbye to Elder Razakmandimby on Tuesday night as he headed down to Antsirabe the next morning. Pretty tough for Koplin because that was his Dad and trainer!! But it is always good to get a new comp and see how another missionary works. Elder Koplin came on a split with String and I on Wednesday and it was just a solid day. We went to the airport to pic up Razazahoavana. He was coming in from one of the outlying provinces, Mahajanga. They got Baobabs there so I bet it was hard coming back to the city for him haha. Man, being at the airport was not fun. Thought about Fort D and how the mission is flying by too fast!
Lastly, I wanna talk about how The Spirit directs our work here on the mission. It is honestly pretty crazy, but it is very obvious and has become more obvious on my mission. For example, when we go out to tract, we can just kinda feel like if an area is going to be successful or not. We had one of those experiences the past week where we felt we needed to go tract in an area we had never been before. We just kind of wandered around and it just felt right. EVERYONE there was insanely nice and we taught a bunch and contacted a lot. The Lord truly does prepare certain areas inside a specific area for His servants to work. It is just hard as 18 and 19 year old kids, to be humble enough to accept and follow the promptings.
So what I am trying to say is: if you get a prompting...FOLLOW IT.
Love yall. God bless.
Elder Hein 

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