Wednesday, November 12, 2014


TRANSFERS. Nothing happening to String and I. No worries there. I gotta finish his training this next transfer. But in all reality, he's training me haha. BUT we are getting  a new member in the house. Elder Razakamandimby is leaving and another Malagasy is taking his place!! Elder Razazahoavana!! Obviously The Lord wants Elder Koplin to get good at Malagasy hahaha.
Nothing too big this week. A few things though: we killed a chicken. Haha we wanted to celebrate transfers so we bought a chicken a couple weeks ago and killed it and grilled it yesterday. The two Malagasy Elders did all the killing business. We just sat there like screaming little girls.
Secondly: I had my greatest souveneir bartering experience of all time. After we taught English on Saturday morn, we all went and ate at a fried chicken place. We are sitting enjoying our food when we see a guy across the street with a 5 foot cultural Malagasy instrument. I had no interest, but we made eye contact, so I knew he was coming over to sell. He set the price at 100,000 ariary(40 bucks. A LOT OF MONEY) I said 10,000. I didnt show much interest, but kept saying 10,000 and he kept lowering. He started walking away when he got to 30,000. Then, I said, "10,000." He went down to 20,000, then finally to my original 10,000 price hahaha. So I had to buy it and now we have a massive instrument just sitting in our house. No way Im getting it home, but it's one of those stories I will always remember hahaha.

Lastly: We have two couples who are ready for baptism, but are just getting legally married before. One couple, Yanta and Flavien, have been learning for two years. Perfect couple with the cutest kid. The husband is from way out in the countryside and there was a problem with his birth certificate. So, they saved enough money for his wife to get on a bus and go 12 hours in the middle of nowhere to fix and get his copy. They have done this before and it didnt work the first time, so it was definitely a step of faith. She left last week and through many fasts and prayers, we got word that she was able to receive the copy and will soon be back here in Ambohimanarina!! Couldnt be happier and just a testimony builder to me that sometimes we gotta show The Lord we really want it, and then He provides.
Thats about it!! Have a great week. Love yall!!
Elder Hein

Walking through the rice fields.

The Malagasy Instrument I bought!!

Elder Rigby and I

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