Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy and Happy Thanksgiving to all!! 

Another week down and in the books here in Ambohimanarina with Elder Stringfellow!! String and I are just having the best time and loving the part of The Lord's vineyard that he has given us to mikarakara(take care of). We've had a couple disappointing things the past couple of weeks happen, but I cant complain. The work is still flying!! 

We had Stake Conference this past week and it was awesome!! Didn't go exactly to plan, but still heard some great messages. The new church was scheduled to be used for the Sunday session. Everyone was pumped and we mustve told everyone in the city the new building was opening. Friday, get a call from the Assistants...."No Conference at the nex church...Still not ready.Tell all investigators and members." Really really REALLY disappointing news. Many members were frustrated but Im just happy that the conference still happened. Church is church, no matter where it is!

Elder Stringfellow is a baller. We went on a split this past Wednesday and he went with someone younger in the field than him in our area. Led the day beautifully, had no problems, didnt have any Malagasy struggles, and found new investigators. He is a legend. 

Something about missionary work that goes by untalked about is PLANNING. String and I really focused on that this week. Especially with an investigator we have named Gina. She is awesome. Progressing like crazy and then one day it kinda just stopped. No idea why. Just happens sometimes. Then the hard part is finding out why. Well we had to do a little digging and asking her question after question, but she just simply hasnt got an answer of the truthfulness of the Gospel. So String and I went to work and with the help of the Spirit planned a beautiful lesson on revelation and how we can receive it. There was a great Spirit in the lesson and it literally all came from the planning. Dont get me wrong, we plan for everyone. But we struggle a little bit planning for PEOPLE and their needs. Us missionaries sometimes get too caught up in teaching the lessons in the exact order, that we miss the part that is actually important...the INDIVIDUAL!

Ill continue a little about personal revelation. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO REVELATION FROM THEIR HEAVENLY FATHER. Everyone. I feel this way and have heard many people say, "I havent gotten revelation in a while." "I never get answers to prayers.", etc...Well first off God answers prayers and he talks to us, but we just dont recognize it. If we are truly seeking out revelation or help from our Heavenly Father, we will find it. Guarranteed. But we arent smart enoughto know how those answers, help, and revelation come from heaven. The Spirit works in MANY different ways and interracts with each one of us differently. In Galatians chapter 5 it talks about the fruits of the Spirit. There are many. We all arent gunna see a vision or have a dream, we might just feel "joy" or "goodness." I have learned how to recognize the Spirit a whole lot more on my mission and I have seen far more revemation and answers to prayers from it!!


God bless

Elder Hein

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