Monday, December 1, 2014

Turkey Time!!

Howdy! Hope all had a good Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday. 

This week was great. Taught a lot, got some really cool new investigators, and had one of my favorite Turkey Days of all time!! 

Tuesday I went on a split with Elder Thompson. We were both in the MTC together so it was great to see how far both of us have come as missionaries. I love him to death and we had a cool experience: So first off, here in Mada, white people kinda get racially abused. It all stems from how bad the French treated the Malagasies in the past, but it floods over onto us too. It isnt too bad, you kinda just learn to deal with it. Ive kinda learned to either tune it out, or turn to them and talk. Once they see you are good at their language, they start to like you. Well, we were walking past a house being built and a guy in his twentys yelled at us pretty loud and rude so I continued to walk. Didnt wanna give him the time of day. (Thats Elder Hein's pride, baby!) Kept walking and he repeated and repeated it, so I finally turned and said WHAT? He told us to enter, I replied, "You are on the roof, where in the world do you want us to enter?" He laughed and came down and we had a VERY good lesson. He asked incredible questions that literally led right into the lesson. Finished the lesson and he said he would be at church on Sunday....Yeahhh...Ive heard that one a lot. Walk into church Sunday morning and he is there 45 minutes early, just waiting for it to start. I just about dropped dead hahaha. It was a nice big smack in the face of humility. I felt like an idiot for being too prideful, but I learned from it hhaha! 

Wednesday was a nice day of work for me and string. Found a couple new investigators that really have some potential. But Wednesday was just more of anticipation for the big turkey day!! 

TURKEY DAY!!! We woke up and took some final pictures with our Turkey, Queen. She was a good turkey. We had her for a month. She gained weight but was still a little disobedient to us. Haha animals are never perfect. But we decided that I would kill it because it was my baby. So we went outside and got the job done.  Stringfellow was filming and almost passing out HAHA.  Then Randrianantenaina and I defeathered it and cleaned it out. Cut it up for the feast later. Went out and worked and then came back late ready to cook some turkey!!!!!! We cooked the turkey with potatoes and carrots and we made a sauce out of Coke, lemonade, and spices....Trust me it was amazing. We cooked green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, creamed corn all on the side and had a FEAST!!! And of course we went around the table and said what we were thankful for. It was delicious and to top it off, brownies for dessert!!! 

Rest of the week went great. Taught a TON on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The work is really really hopping. Both areas in the Branch are getting as many lessons in their respective areas as two Elders did by themselves before when both areas were combined!! I love the area. The city gets a little tiring sometimes, but when the work goes and your comp is a legend, nothing could be better!! 

Thats pretty much it. Pretty long one this week. Enjoy the Christmas Season!!

God bless. 

Elder Hein 

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