Monday, December 22, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Well, not a lot this week. Stringfellow left me Tuesday morning and Babb came in Wednesday morning. I have been training for 6 months now and I have loved it. But, it was pretty awesome to have someone speak more than me at a lesson hahahaha. Havent had that for a long time. Elder Babb is awesome. Real chill guy and a very hard worker. Cant ask for much else. Ive been very lucky with comps and Babb is no exception to that!
Also, in some news, Elder Gaul left Mada on Wednesday. I got to see him on Tuesday and it was tough to see him go. But his work is done and Im sure The Lord was pleased. It will be cool to all be back in the Provo/Orem area and just hang out after the mission.
The traffic here has literally become insane. They told us in December it gets bad. They were wrong. It is horrible. It has cut our efficiency down way bad. There is only one road that goes in and out of the city to our road. And that road is a two way going in to the city and the other way leaving it. I love this place, but the Christmas hustle and bustle is killing me.
So to answer y'all's questions, is there Christmas hustle and bustle here in Mada? YES. Just this afternoon, Babb and I walked through the main part of downtown where they have all the sellers of anything you can think of. I will try to paint the picture. Imagine a football field. Now put three thousand people on that field. Now put 100 cars and buses on that field. Now put screaming babies and screaming vendors on that field. Now have the people try to walk through that field.....HAHAHA that was Analakely earlier today. You couldnt even budge. You got a bus in your face on your right, Malagasies on your left and Elder Babb's 6 foot 1 frame pushing me from behind haha. I can honestly say that India on the Amazing Race doesnt hold a candle to Madagascar at this time of year. It's crazy.
So the baptism didnt happen due to some paper problems. The baptism has been pushed back to be with Norbert's on the 3rd in the NEW CHURCH. Yep, you read that right, it is DONE. We are super pumped and the work will explode!! So grateful I get to be apart of it.

Well, thats it. Sorry kinda lame. Just a bunch of anticipation for the upcoming Christmas Skype session!!

Elder Hein

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