Monday, December 8, 2014


Another great week here. This has been one of the most fun times on my mission.
On the mission you learn to deal with a lot of things. One of them is disappointment. One of our investigators, Gina, who String and I basically taught all the lessons, kinda let us go. She was super diligent, but just kept saying she hadnt gotten an answer of the truthfulness. So we dropped by on Friday and taught her one last time to see if anything had changed, but nothing had. It was pretty sad, especially because she was String's first lesson in country. Gina just kept saying right now just isnt her time and she hasnt got an answer. She also added that she will probably get baptized in the future just not now. This isnt a first for me on the mission. This happens weekly with investigators. This is when you get angry at God's gift of agency to men haha. But, at first, it always bummed me out, but honestly, I just realized that Im just planting seeds for the future. Everything is done in The Lord's time and if we have done everything we can, we shouldnt fret about it too much.
But on the happier side of things....
Yanta, Flavien, and their adoptive daughter passed their bap interviews and will be getting baptized on the 20th!!!!! We are super excited. They have been through a little more than two years of missionaries and lessons and now it is paying off. They were the most ready people I have ever taught. They just had to go through a trial of faith (getting legally married) to receive the testimony. I am thankful to God for the opportunity I had to see that trial of faith and their struggle be completed. It has helped my testimony a lot. I cant wait to see their baptism, and their progression in the Gospel afterwards!!
Also, on Saturday I went on a split with ELDER GAUL!!! My father from my first days on the mission in Ambositra!! He is heading home in a week and a half and it was just a great time to get to hit the streets, preaching the good word with him once again. Felt like old times, but I think my Malagasy has improved since then haha. Gaul is just a missionary legend. Someone I always strive to be like. Always worked hard, loved the people, good at the language, connected with the people, but most importantly: Loves His Savior and loves doing His work. I hope when I get towards my last week that people will be able to say that about me. He's a boss and I am gunna miss him.
Wel, transfers are next week.......String and I will be getting new comps. Pretty sad, but exciting for Stringfellow to kinda get to fly on his own. Ive loved working with him.
I cant say enough about the mission. I just wish yall could be here working with me!! I see so many things everyday that I bet everyone would change and improve from. Love yall and have a great week!!
God bless.
Elder Hein 
My Area

My Area - Again!

Wild Life!

Norbert, his family and Elder Gaul - my father (first companion)

Norbert and Elder Gaul

Elder Gaul (my father) and Elder Stringfellow (my second son)!

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