Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Sometimes on the mission you aren't the guy carrying your scriptures and name badge around 24/7. That was one of those weeks. We worked one full day this week. One. Haha. So not too much progress in the field, but we had a BUSY week.
Monday we were notified we would be moving to a new house the next morning. Our house had ten years of missionary filth that needed to be cleaned....we were up till 3am packing and getting everything ready.
Tuesday it took us 8 hours to move. So much stuff. We had a couple guys from the office that brought a van to help us. We had to take a bunch of trips and the people werent even moved out yet!! Haha. The guys told us that we didnt have to clean too much because the office hired two people to come clean. So we didnt. A few hours later we get a call from the office couples telling us we needed to clean the old house....
Wednesday we cleaned. All day. Im talking 10 hours of cleaning. We dumped water on the walls and went to work. We made a literal flood in the house but it was needed. We cleaned that thing beautifully. Got home late and then we had to clean our new house...

Thursday we worked for a couple hours and then had to do some bap interviews in another area. Well it took us three hours to get home due to traffic....They are having a real problem here in Mada with the roads. There is too much water and the roads are suffering from it. Im talking pot holes that delve straight "into the depths of hell." These things are massive and every road here in Tana is a two way road....You can imagine the chaos.
Friday we worked!!! Beautiful.
Saturday we had Stake Conference. An Area Seventy presided and it was a great session. Due to traffic we got home way late and no work was done.
Sunday was more Stake Conference and more traffic!! Plus Babb was a little sick so we only got one lesson in!!
I felt like we did so much this week but looking at the stat book we did nothing haha. Lets just say I'm pumped for another week!!
The new house is awesome!!
The Seventy had a great point in Stake Conference. I felt bad for the members because the translator had it wrong. He got a little angry and questioned why Church members say it is so hard being  a member. He said Christ's yoke is easy, His burden is light. Obviously quoting the scripture in Matio 11. But the he compared it to the devil's yoke. He said Satan's yoke is the heaviest thing you will ever put around your neck. It will drag you down so fast you wont have time to think. We shouldnt complain. It is the best way and the lightest yoke.

Have a great week. 

Elder Hein

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