Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fisher is Back


Well Fisher is back! Got back on Tuesday night and he is doing well. Just got some medicine and he shopuld be good to go. This country has destroyed him haha. You can tell he has been heer almost two years. I have never seen a missionary with so many health problems. No one really uinderstands how bad the food is in this country. No health standards at all. Ive been blessed with a belly of steel though.

BUT, Fisher cant ride bikes for two weeks, so we are walking everywhere....I was actually enjoying the bikes. Get everywhere pretty fast with no problems. Walking is a different stroy. We have sucha big area and our lessons are way spread apart, so we waste a lot of time just walking. So the work is kind of at a stand still now, but things should be looking up soon. 

Still trying to get to know all the investigators we have. A lot of them are out of town as well for the Easter celebrations coming up. This Saturday we do have a baptism though. Iandry. His wife got baptized a couple months ago and now he has decided to join her. The sweetest guy ever. Biggest heart. Doesnt understand deep doctrine, but has a pure desire to follow Jesoa Kristy. We are really excited for it! 

Had another bad experience with a bus....this was probably my worst one ever. So tomorrow we have a big MLC in Tana. A big meeting with all the Zone Leaders in the mission. It will be a whole day thing and we are pretty excited. Well we decided to split up the trip into  2. Yesterday at 2, Elder Fisher and I left for Antsirabe. The trip should take 6 hours.....We strted going and 50 km out we pull over for a bathroom break. The driver decides to check his clutch. Well he takes it all apart. Tries to fix it. No improvement. We make it to the next town and a machanic fixes it. That takes forever. Finally get to Ambositra and he stops for dinner. Finally pull into Antsirabe at 130 AM. Got to the house at 2 this morning. Yes the trip took 12 hours. It was one of the worst nights of my life haha. Yall will be shocked at the picture of my leg room. My knees were DESTROYED. I think both of my ACLs are shot haha. 

Driving up with Elder Fox and his comp.(cant spell his name haha) He is a Malagasy who served in London on his mission. He was there for a year and a half and then couldnt get his visa renewed so hes finshing his mission here. Way cool guy. Has a British accent with some words haha. We will be heading up to Tana in the afternoon. We are there till Wednesday morning and then Fisher and I make the journey back down to Fianarantsoa!

Im so gratfeul for this calling to be a missionary. Something this Branch really struggles with is callings. No callings for positions. But just the calling of being a Latter Day Saint. At 8 oclock on Sunday we had 8 people. We started anyway. Everyone starts piling in at 830  ish. People here seem to forget the covenant they made at baptism. It is really sad. We will be trying to work real closely with members. Try and get them pumped again. The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the fulness of times is one of the most exciting things to ever happen in the history of the universe. We as members and missionaries need to ACT LIKE IT!! This is salvation! You dont need to be a Bishop to be the best member you can be. Do it now. Put your shoulder to the wheel and push along. 

God bless. 

Elder Hein

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