Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Holiday

Hope all had a happy Easter holiday.
A busy busy week. We were up in Tana from Monday until Wednesday morning. The meeting went great. Great to see some different Elders again. Talked about a lot of things, especially helping everything be smooth for the new mission president coming July 1. It is great to see how President Adams leads up close and personal.
Left Tana Wednesday morning with Fox and Nohaingoniana. Drove the car down to Antsirabe. Got stoped halfway by Police because we are white. Said there was a problem with our papers and wouldn't let us go. Just looking for bribes. Well we weren't gonna do that. So we called a couple people(one of them being Norbert) and we were kindly let go after an hour. Ridiculous haha.
Made it to Antsirabe at 5 ish so we didnt make the trip to Fianarantsoa that night so we stopped in Ambositra and stayed the night. Great to sleep in my birthplace!! Made it to Fiananrantsoa in the early afternoon on Thursday and the work week officially started!
Investigators arent doing too hot right now. Just a lot of people dogging us and not really progressing. I think we might just rip the program out, with a few exceptions, and start over. I love doing that.
But we did have a baptism this past Saturday. It was a great baptism and Iandry is a baller.
Also other news: NORBERT AND HIS FAMILY ARE OFFICIALLY BAPTIZED. Yes it did happen. Everything went smoothly according to what I heard. Great family and great addition to the church here.
Easter here is awful. People just get drunk. Way sad. No one is really thinking of the real reason for the season. The single most important thing that has and will ever take place is being celebrated, and people here get drunk and get in fights in the streets. Very disappointing. Elder Fisher and I had a pretty good work day though, visiting some less active members and sharing thoughts about Christ.
This letter is coming a day late due to a holiday here called Lundi de Pacque. Easter Monday. Everything is closed and everyone just kinda chills all day. Basically, National Hangover Day for them....but our Branch had a great activity that we unfortunately couldnt attend. But we climbed a mountain again and had a very chill day with the other elders.
Cant wait to watch General Conference in a few weeks. Heard it was great.
Ive progressed personaly so much on mission. I see more and more weaknesses I have every day as I humbly turn to The Lord. Ive learned so much in the growing process and can honestly say that " weak things have become strong." He is willing to help us overcome our weaknesses at all times as long as we are humble enoughto admit them. Through the Atonement of Jeus Christ all things are possible. All wrongs can be right. All weaknesses can become strengths. I know that is true.
God bless.
Elder Hein

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