Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Puking Everywhere - Tons of Pics

Cutest kid ever!!
After a tough Saturday of throwing up everywhere alongside Elder Wiscombe, I've made it through another Madagascar sickness haha.
All the way in Madagascar!
Here's the story: Had a great day Friday and finished it off with some Macaroni and Cheese(thanks for the packets Mom). Woke up at about 5 feeling terrible and about to blow chunks.   I kept it down and still went to go play soccer with Covey and Davis. Made it back to the house, just chilling, studying, and then BOOM. It started to come. Luckily I had a casserole dish and I filled it all the way to the brim. Beautiful. Layed back down for the rest of the morning and went out to go work. Met the other Elders for lunch and Wiscombe was doing terrible....he felt like he was gunna throw up. So me and him head back to the house. We figured out we both ate the same thing Friday for lunch (an omlette). Get back to the house, we fall asleep. I wake up to the sound of him throwing up everywhere. HAHA i shouldnt be laughing but I had just done the same thing earlier so I felt his pain haha. There was only one good thing coming out of this: it wasn't the Macaroni and Cheese that got me sick!! 

Not much else this week. I still havent seen conference, but to get me pumped up, Ive been watching Conferences of the past couple years. Tad R Callister gave a legend of a talk last conference on Parenthood.   To read it go here  First things first, I am nowhere near ready for marriage (haha) but it was an absolute quality talk that just talked about how important the role of a parent is. They are the ultimate teachers. I struggle sometimes seeing members here, or even fellow missionaries, that dont know the simplest parts of the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Do Family  Home Evening. Love each other. The home is the best place to learn the Gospel. All the small little things that our church leaders preach all the time make the biggest differences. Trust me. I see it everyday. I am very blessed for the parents I grew up with that always had us learning in the home.  

I always felt loved in the home. Make home the preparation for the battlegrounds against Satan that young people go out to everyday. Young people need the foundation in Christ and they need it at a very young age. Family is the best. Just focus it on making it even better.
Pretty short this week, but tons of pics.
God bless.
Elder Hein

Bus Station

Bus Station

My companion sleeping at the Bus Station

Yep…my leg room for the 10 hour ride!

Leg room up close

My Bike

Double Decker Train

Elder Wiscombe egged on his birthday

Shall I pole vault?

Some strange mole creature.

P-Day (I am top right)

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