Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Hope everyone's week went well. Great to hear that Cody got his mission papers in!! I hope he comes here!!
Well Elder Fisher is on the brink of death, ladies and gentleman. Literally, he can see the finish line. This time next week, he will be up in Tana taking care of some final souveneir purchases, interview with President and then Wednesday he gets out of here!! Crazy crazy stuff. His group were a bunch of legends. (Fox, Christiansen, Roush,...) They will be sorely missed.
You can tell this mission has taken a toll on the Fish man. Up all night in the restroom...Poor guy.
He has been an incredible missionary and deserves a month long nap from his labors haha. But hes still got one more week with me!!!!!
Not too much has been happening here.
I'm playing soccer every morning. It is good to get back out and kick the ball around. I can already tell its gunna be fun getting back into shape haha.
I kinda had a theme in my mind all week. I had read a talk called "Four Minutes" given a couple conferences ago. I remember liking the talk when it was given because it talked about the olympics haha. He discusses how this life is short and we got to put everything we have into it. We have to prove our skills. We have to prove our diligence. We have to prove that we are disciples of Christ. One line in it really hit me though,

"Do you feel the urgency?"
I can say for a fact in my life I dont feel the urgency as much as I should. The urgency to do the right thing. The urgency to help someone. The urgency to always be progressing. The urgency to be more like my Savior. The mission has helped me realize this more and more. Esrecially with Fisher leaving and me going a transfer after, this bit of urgency keeps coming to the forefront of my mind. The difference is this: I know when my mission is ending. We DONT KNOW when our true mission here on earth is ending. That'
s the scary thing. We dont know when our time to shine and perform and prove to God our faith in Him is over. We dont know. There is no clock. There is no timer. We just have to do it. Do you feel the urgency?

God bless.
Elder Hein
A missionary who was up all night due to illness.  Yep, we get sick here.
Malagasy Stove

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