Friday, October 18, 2013

Anxiety, Week 5, Malaria


Not too busy a week here at the MTC. It seems like it has been the same thing for the past few weeks haha. I love it though. Each day goes by faster and faster. Our district has become super close with our teachers and they have really helped us out with the idea of planning. Not just for missionary life, but for life in general. I've already seen the benefits big time.  

We are counting down the days left here at the MTC. My district is getting super anxious. Sure, we might not be ready for the language, but we are ready to go TO THE ISLAND. Cant wait to feel some humidity and see some lemurs. The whiteboard gets a little boring sometimes. We leave on the 28th which means 11 days from tomorrow!!! We get our flight plans tomorrow and everyone is super excited to see what airports we will be sleeping at overnight....hahaha. Two and a half days of travel will be tough, Im preparing my mind and body. Im preparing my body by sitting in class with my feet barely extending past my knees. I am also preparing my knees by jamming them into my desk during class. Even for a dwarf like me, you gotta prepare for that spacious leg room. 

I guess the big event of this week was Wednesday's meeting with the doctor to discuss Malaria. Madagascar is home to the deadliest form of Malaria...very comforting. But they talked to us for a while about prevention methods and signs of getting the virus. There is a cure...dont worry Mom. We have also been given pills to start taking next week. Doxycycline or something like that. One of those bad boys a day for two years...YUMMY

Well thats pretty much it! One more email from the United States and I will be off to Madagascar. This gospel is the gospel of Jesus Christ. No doubt in my mind. I know it is. I woulda ran home already had I not known it was true. When Christ atoned for us, he had each one of us in mind. EACH ONE OF US. Very hard to wrap your mind around. But I know he did. 

I feel my Savior's love. 

Love yall

Elder Hein
Me and one of my good friends from BYU. He left Monday morning for Cancun Mexico. Great elder

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