Friday, October 11, 2013

Malagasy Slip Up

Laundry Time!

Another great week here at the MTC. They are starting to go by faster and faster. Its crazy to think that we will be on a plane two weeks from Monday....a very long plane(s), I might add. Its funny hearing Elders going to Mexico or Europe, "We have to travel for 15 hours!!!!" Us Malagasies just smile and wave because our travel will be two and a half days at least. 

General Conference was great this weekend. The sessions have never gone by faster, atleast for me, and I thought everyone that spoke had great messages. The motif of the Atonement throughout Conference was beautiful. It is always great to hear from called servants of the Lord. 

Not too much new material this week. Dad asked for a average scheduled day here at the MTC so here it is. Every day is a little different but this is the general schedule. 

600- wake up, iron shirt, shower, etc. 
700-Personal study in the classroom 
800- Breakfast
830-Classroom instruction (Malagasy, teaching, missionary stuff, etc.)
1130- Language Study (No teacher, just ourselves)
1230- Additional Study Time
100- Lunch
145- Classroom Instruction
445- TALL (Computer program to help us learn the language)
545- Additional Study Time
600- Dinner
645- Additional Study
715- Gym
800- Shower, get ready
830- Study in the classroom or chapel
900- Plan for the next day with your companion (lessons, etc.)
930- back to the apartment
1015- quiet time
1030- lights out 

They have us scheduled to every second of the day hahaha. But its good, i like the structure. 

My big news of the week was my first awful language slip up. Its incredible how an extra letter can cause so much embarrassment....

So we are teaching a lesson in Malagasy obviously, to an investigator (our teacher) about prayer. He has a tough life and cant really find work everyday. As a companionship, we had a great lesson about prayer and i was gunna wrap it up. I told him he could pray about anything, life, his family, his work, it doesnt matter...well atleast thats what i wanted to say. Instead it came out, "You can pray about anything, life, family, work, but not breastfeeding...." He started dying laughing and i didnt know why hahaha. After the lesson he told me what I had actually told him, I couldnt stop laughing hahaha. 

Well thats pretty much it. Have a great week yall. God bless. 
The two best districts here. Greeks and Malagasies. Left to Right: Elder Armando (malagasy from Mozambique) Elder Martinez (Greek from Spain) Elder Pedersen (Greek from Norway) Elder Von Scheel (Greek from Denmark) Elder Morgan (Greek from England) Elder Leppard (Greek from England) Me Elder Thompson (Malagasy from Utah) Elder Trujillo (Malagasy from California)

Elder Leppard and me. He's from London and will probably play Rugby at BYU. He's probabaly my best friend here, Great guy. Turned down some semi pro contracts to come on a mission. He keeps me in shape haha


  1. Thanks for the updates. I'm enjoying seeing all that you are doing. I thought of you this morning in the grocery store. The song "All the Single Ladies" came on and I thought of you singing this in the car on the way to soccer. I laughed out loud. You're in my prayers....but mostly your mom and dad are in my prayers because I know how much I'm missing Jonah and they are certainly missing you too!

  2. You are welcome. I missed this comment earlier. I leave for Mada on Monday.