Friday, October 4, 2013

Week 2

Fianakaviano sy namana,

Hope all is well!!! All is well on my front after finishing week 2 here at the MTC. Not too many new things to report but there are some. 

First off, SNOW. Its cold up here. It has snowed in the mountains 4 nights in the past week and has rained here in the valley. It is only a matter of time before we get snow here on campus. I do not personally enjoy the cold....why did I chose BYU again?? hahaha

The West Campus improves each and every day as they have built three domes to house us for gym. They will soon have a full weight room, basketball courts, etc. like the Main Campus does. Knowing my luck, it will probably open the day before we leave. There are two elders from England that are both going to Greece. Both of them are in quality shape and they provide a workout everyday for me. Pushups, situps, sprints, jogging, etc. so Im staying in good shape!! 

To answer a quaestion Ive gotten: In the whole world and out of all the MTCs around the globe, there are currently only 5 Malagasy speaking missionaries training to go to Madagascar. My district is it. Every six weeks new ones come in. Before us they had two districts of 7 missionaries each. All speaking Malagasy. That was a record. Some six week periods, they dont have any Malagasies at all. So we are a very few number. My zone is like that too. Our zone has the missionaries that go to not so common places to teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of this, we are all pretty close. 

Other than that, I have accomplished a few things this week. I am beginning to predict the food pattern here. Yeah I'm awesome. Second, I'm on the verge of finishing my first complete chapstick...lets hope I dont jinx it. Lastly, I have become a professional shoe shiner and ironing champ. Mom, you should be proud. 

This is God's work and I'm humbled to know that I am apart of it and that some people in Madagascar need to hear what I have to say about our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 


Elder Hein

Getting colder in Provo.

Can anyone read anything besides Elder Hein?
The view from the exit of the Provo temple

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