Monday, February 17, 2014

Frodo and Sam

Akory abe!!!!
Hit me this week that I am literally in the middle of the Madagascar mountains halfway around the world serving The Lord....I love my mission.
Had deja vu this week as we came back on Tuesday from a weekend trip in Antsirabe again. Once again the taxibe journey decided to be a good 7 hours instead of 2 haha. I might contact the Better Business Bureau...yall know if they work out here too? Haha its all fun though. Love going up to Antsirabe. Great elders their. We had a great Zone Meeting where we went over goals for the mission and for the District of Antsirabe specifically. Being only me and Elder Dickson in Ambositra it can get kind of lonely. So it's great to see other Elders working as hard as you and wantig the same things: helping the work of The Lord progress here in Madagascar.
The week went by great. Lots of lessons and hard work. I love it. Got a referral from someone in the branch. This girl named Lando. She's about 25 or so and super mazoto (dilligent). Without us even telling her, she goes to institute and knows the lessons practically before we teach her!! Haha it's awesome to see how prepared someone can be by The Lord to hear his true restored Gospel. Trust me, usually it's not that easy haha.
Sunday was awesome. We had a packed house. Great showing, members and investigators alike. Plus, it was clean because of the recent branch clean up!! I didnt talk too much about it a couple weeks ago, but it was a great activity. Tons of people there cleaning up the church!! Kinda reminded me of cleaning up the old church house back home. One difference, no vacuums. Carpet doesnt exsist in Mada. Could yall send a square of it?? Haha
But.....for the big tale of the week.....Elder Dickson and I conquered a massive mountain this morning. There is a massive hajo fijaliana(cross) on this mountain that we see everyday when we work. Elder Gaul and I tried a few weeks back to conquer it, but got caught in the rain big time. So me and Elder Dickson set out early. It gets to a point on the mountain where there is no path and you gotta make it yourself. So, we did. Felt like Frodo and Sam going up there. Except I was Sam and Dickson was Frodo...I had to carry him. Hahaha tsangysangy fotsiny (only kidding). We finally made it to the top basically rock climbing. It was awesome. Hope yall enjoy the pics of my birthplace Ambositra!! Tons of beautiful waterfalls and pools.
All that is our car, just feet hahaha. Crazy how I only have 2 weeks left here!
I really love this place. Mada is incredible. Learned a lot and Im only 5 months in. I know the Gospel is true and all I wanna do is share it with people. God is preparing His sheep everywhere to hear the message of the Atonement of His Son Jesus Christ. Even in the middle of the mountains in southern Madagascar.

God bless yall,
Elder Hein
I love Mada!

The Mountain!

Ambositra - my birthplace.

The cross is 35' tall.


A Chameleon!

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