Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Week here in Ambositra

Another week here in Ambositra. Time is just flying. The weeks go by so fast. 

Got back from Antsirabe last Tuesday afternoon. Shouldve been a two hour journey, but of course it wasnt. It took 6 hours for us to get back home once we got dropped off at the station haha. This Taxibe system is something else. It is so difficult to explain. Saturday, we took a taxibe to Anjoma. There was already four people in our three person row and the driver was trying to fit a fifth in our row....I wasnt having that hahah. It's so different than home. Road trips back home will be glorious. 

Really not too much happened this week. Elder Dickson and I are working super hard all day, every day. And the weeks are just flying. My Malagasy is also improving so much. I love just talking with Malagasies because that is how I pick up the language faster. Its weird knowing I will probably be transfered in the next three weeks. Ive learned to really love Ambositra and I will miss it. 

Now for the work: A goal in this mission is to really focus on teaching Father Led Families. (FLFs) You can really see the benefits of The Gospel changing the lives of the whole family with the Father at the head. Families are ordained of God. They help us grow together in the Gospel. I am so thankful for the family I grew up in. It is very hard to find these FLFs in Ambositra though. We work really hard and it's tough, but we found a couple really good ones this week, which we were stoked for. Please pray for them!!

The Gospel is true. Jesus Christ is the only way. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

PS Happy Valentines Day
Pushcart Driver!!!! They have tons of these on the streets. COOL RUNNINGS

Misty Mountains!

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