Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Short on Time

Well, great week. Not too much new though. 

Me and my companion are getting along better and better everyday, but man it is hard to speak Malagasy all day. My brain is just exhausted by the end of the day. Ralaivao and I just come from such different cultures that sometimes I am just shocked and some of the stuff he does haha. He grew up in a house with no electricity...yeah we really come from two different worlds. 

Got to be up in downtown Tana for a Zone Conference. There are a couple streets that suprisingly remind me of Europe!! Nice jewelry shops, nice buildings, and nice cars. Also, I ate in a four star hotel and it felt so weird. Even though I was home just a couple weeks ago, it still shocked me walking in to a very nice hotel and eating very nice food haha. 

A 5 minute walk from this hotel is a river they call Poo river. Ill get a picture sometime and you can see why it is called that. Next to this river, was the poorest group of people I have ever seen. They lived in these shacks made up of the dirtiest garbage I have ever seen. Really sad. 

Spiritually, I wanna talk about God's commandments. Im pretty sure Ive talked about this before, so Ill keep it short and sweet. KEEP THEM. 

Trust me. 

Funniest moment this week was being in a bus when Enrique Inglesias' "Hero" came on. I kid you not about 20 men in the bus all started singing to it in unison. Hahah it is funny to see which songs get popular here.

Friday, I woke up and immediately went to the sink and puked everywhere haha. I dont know what I ate, but I was on the verge of death. I havent thrown up in years. I slept pretty much all day, waking up every couple of hours to throw up more. In total a puked a nice 6 times on Friday. Sickest Ive been on my mission!! I am all good now though. 

God bless, 

Elder Hein

Typical Dirty Tana

Soccer Game in Tanjombato

Soccer Game in Tanjombato

My best friend last friday.  Filled that pot up with throw-up.

Downtown Tana!

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