Monday, June 23, 2014



Well I was misinformed about the USA Portugal game by a member here in Tanjombato. He hasnt been wrong on a single score so I definitely trust him. Atext came in at 3 am last night telling me that USA wins 2-1. Come to find out today that Portugal tied it in the 95th. He admitted to me that he had fallen asleep after USAs second goal....hahaha pretty funny but also heartbreaking. 

All I hear about the World Cup is how crazy it is....Enjoy watching!!

Had a tough week here work wise. A lot of people dogged us. But, we contacted a lot of people this past week and that will hopefully replenish our so so teaching pool at the moment. Found some cool families and I hope they will be touched by The Spirit in these next few weeks. 

Had a great opportunity to go on a split this week with Elder Hull in Ampititafika. In my District there are three areas: Tanjombato, Ampititafika, and Itaosy. 6 elders in total and all of them are cool! Every once in a while we do some splits and Friday was my split with Elder Hull from Virginia. Awesome guy. Just got to country 9 weeks ago but is picking up the language fast. The dude is a national team volleyball player with tons of D1 schools looking at him. One of them being BYU who is top 5 in the country every year. Yeah I guess you could say hes pretty good haha. Well turns out he was sick all day so we just chilled at his house while he rested haha. Still a great time. 

Been studying the Old Testament a little lately. The story of Abraham is incredible. How he even thought about obeying Gods commands to sacrifice his son is unbelievable. What faith that man had. What faith. The Lord knew he would sacrifice his son, but Abraham needed to know for himself that he would follow ALL of Gods commands. No matter what it was. 

A highlight of the week was hearing Taylor Swift in a restaurant we were eating at.....yeah i was belting it out and I didnt care who stared. 

Have a great week!!! 

Elder Hein
A Cool River in Tanjombato

Me and Elder Hull

Terrible picture but it is a cockfighting ring.  There are probably 1000 guys here around three rings betting on chickens (ha ha).

No streetlights in Tana make for the worst traffic I've ever seen.  One rule:  Just Go!

A typical street in Tanjombato.

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