Friday, July 11, 2014

Lemur Week!!!!!! June 30, 2014

Well, big time week here in the mission of Elder Hein. Got to see my first lemurs in country!! 

20 of us missionaries here in Tana all made the trek out to this lemur park outside of Tana. Tok quite a while but we rented a bus and a driver to take us all out there together and back for a pretty cheap price. Finally made it out to the area and had to hike a little bit to get to the park. All white missionaries pay 5  bucks to get in and the natives pay 50 cents...hahaha. Thats just how Mada goes! 

Get inside and tons of high trees with lemurs just chilling. They were a tad shy but if you got a banana for them, they are gunna come right for ya. You just kinda stand there and try to lure them on to ya. None of them jumped on our shoulders but it was sick. Lemurs have immediately made their way on to the top of my favorite animal list.  

Work wise! This was a slower week due to Malagasies Independence Day on the 26th. That basically means get drunk and shoot little firecrackers at each other haha. Elder Ralaivao and I had to run to get through some firework warfare hahaha. 

Been teaching a really cool family lately. Tina and Clarette. They have two kids. These people are just thirsty for the Gospel. Thirsty for the truth. They love everything we teach them. Especially, the Book of Mormon. I loved how Tina put it when talking about the Book of Mormon, "Why would God limit his revelation to one small area of the world?" I couldnt have agreed more. 

I got to go on a split with my old comp from Fort Dauphin, ELDER FOX!!!! He's still killing it and is actually my Zone Leader which is awesome. And his companion is Elder Rakotojanahary from Fort D as well!! We are just missing Elder Rice, but it is cool to be close to them again. 

I hope yall are enjoying the World Cup, vacations, and summer. But I fed lemurs today....did you?!

God bless, 

Elder Hein 

Snack Tigro. We eat here everyday. I will franchise this place when I get home.

Malagasy Bed Haul

My Companion

My reaction when I hard the U.S advanced!

Old Companions from Fort D.  We reunite in Mada!

My Home.  We live on the second floor on the left.

Lemur Park

Elders Gaul, Evans and I.

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