Monday, July 21, 2014

Preaching from the Wagon

Howdy yall
The training continues and I havent scared away my trainee just yet!  Although we still have ten weeks, so we will have to wait and see. He even wakes up early and goes running with me. I dont know how much he loves it, but I love him for it. Its not like he has much of a choice to disobey my command. Hahaha oh the joys of being a trainer. 

Well Tuesday started off with interviews with President. I love having interviews with him. I just feel how much he cares about the work here. He is up there in years, but you cant tell at all. Just a solid rock in life, work, and of course, in the Gospel. I can tell he is guided by the Spirit, and I love having the chance to work under him.
Elder Anderson and I decided to start and build a fresh new teaching program. I LOVE DOING THIS. Its hard to tell some investigators we wont return, unless they progress, but its good to start fresh. Tons of contacting. Everyday. Door to door, on the street, asking for names from members, etc.  I love it and for some reason the Lord blessed us big time this week. So many people were coming up to us asking to learn it was insane. Blessings come after the work is put in! I am so grateful for this mission, the people, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
The Ward here is struggling. The attendance keeps going down and the Bishop blames it on people going on vacation....Nah I dont think so. Just people being lazy. Elder Anderson and I have had to threaten some people with whips which is never good. Its sad when people dont understand the importance of coming to church, reading the scriptures, or just coming to church. If only they could see the blessings that will come after the trial of their faith. MIBEBAHA IANAREO
I was completely joking about the whips. Think spiritual whips haha.
Coolest experience this week was contacting on a street. I was talking to three guys who were sitting on a wagon. We just did a little small talk for a while and then they asked us to teach them. We sat down on the wagon with them and began to teach. People started gathering around us and we just kept teaching. More and more people gathered. I was reading in the Bible to them and as I finished the scripture, I looked up and saw 50 plus people all listening to us.....Yeah it was LEGENDARY. What a cool experience and we got tons of contacts from it. People were asking how they can learn more and me and Anderson were happy to answer!! We felt like missionaries in olden times preaching the faith. So awesome!
Next thing I wanna do is stand up on a busy street and teach on a box. Ive always wanted to do that. hahaha
Alrighty, hope yall have a good week wherever you are!! "Be thou an example of the believers!"
God bless,
Elder Hein

PS Sorry no pics. I just had a video of two chickens fighting each other for no reason. It was too long to send haha. 

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