Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 3 of Training Elder Anderson

Howdy folks

Not too much new this week. Incredible experience I will share later, but we are doing a lot of tracting. A lot of door to door, a lot of street contacting. Before my mission I dreaded that. But I can honestly say I love it. We are still rebuildiung our program and meeting new people each and every day. So I am having a blast. 

Elder Anderson is doing great. He is frustrated with how slow his Malagasy is coming along, but all of us were there back when we first got here. It is kinda funny how exhausted he is everyday. Missionary work is hard work!!!! So he pretty much goes to sleep immediately after we get home and plan for the next day. Haha. I just sit up by myself haha. 

Well the story of all stories:

So you remember that big crowd we preached to last week?? One of the people in the crowd is a pastor at his small church. We taught him this week. By the end of it he was teaching me about the Priesthood and Restoration and using scriptures to prove its truthfullness.....yeah. I was shocked. I just sat there and didnt know what to do. But it gets better.........

He then proceeded to ask me and Elder Anderson if we could come to his church on Saturday morning and preach this message to his members.....yeah you read that right. So basically we are on the verge, with a few things pending, on baptizing a whole congregation. I doubt it will be that easy but I will just let The Spirit do what it does: testify of truth. 

Crazy crazy stuff. I will give yall the update on the lesson next week!! 

God bless, 

Elder Hein 

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